5 Dream Herbs: Plants For Dreaming

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Dream herbs are psychoactive plants, which in some way affect the dreaming. While we sleep, our brain creates a fantasy world in which we process everything we experience during the day. And this incredibly beautiful natural phenomenon can be increased or changed by taking different substances!

There are herbs that help with lucid dreaming, there are plants that increase the memory of the dream and which extend the dream phase. Dream herbs are also well known, there you can see them as spiritual tools, with which one can trigger visionary dreams.

To these tribes we owe the knowledge about 5 dream herbs …

1) Kratom

The Kratom is a psychoactive plant which has been cultivated for many centuries and whose effect was already known to the ancient South East Asia. Kratom has sedative, euphoric and psychedelic effect on some consumers in high doses. The Kratom is supposed to open the mind and change consciousness; it is also traditionally used as a dream herb!

If you drink a Kratom leaf tea before going to sleep or smoke / vaporize a few of the Kratom leaves, you will be pleasantly sedated, can fall asleep well and sometimes the dreams are intensified. It is a very mild and magical plant, which can also be used well in combination with other dream herbs!

2) Silver sprout

The silver spike is a medicinal plant from the Alps, which is supposed to have a trailing effect and is therefore used as a dream herb. For this purpose one cooks best from the blooms a tea, which one then before the sleep drinks.

Silver sprout is very tannic and flavonoid containing and therefore is also used as a gurgle for gum disease. In addition, this medicinal plant has a preventive effect on myocardial infarction and strokes and should generally be heart strengthening. Much is not known about the use of silver sprouts as dream herbs, which is why we would be very pleased about comments on the effect of this plant!

3) Ginseng

Ginseng is a widely used remedy in Chinese medicine, where, like Ashwagandha in Ayurveda, it is a panacea and a tonic. It is intended to increase the concentration and the performance, energize and help against various complaints and diseases.

Ginseng does not have an intensifying effect on the dreams, but it improves the memory of dreams and is therefore a very useful plant for people who want to explore their dreams. Ginseng must be taken regularly for several days, so that it can be effective. This is the case with most starches of this type.

4) Ginkgo

Gingko is widely used as a tonic and medicinal herb in traditional Chinese medicine. Similar to ginseng, it is taken daily over a longer period of time to improve memory. Its positive effect on this is proved by many studies; it can even be used against dementia.

Ginkgo serves the same purpose as ginseng: the does not intensify dreams directly, but intensifies and intensifies the memory of dreams!

5. African Devil’s Cage

A trapping-intensifying effect of the African devil’s claw is not known, but it is nevertheless counted as part of the South African “dream potion” because of its health-promoting effect.

African Devil’s Cage is said to alleviate the side effects of this dream-inducing potion, in which the powdered root is added. This medicinal herb helps against pain, is anti-inflammatory and appetizing.

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