Do you want to combine Kratom with other plants?

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Kratom is a legal opioid, which can be bought without legal problems from the various online store. But how does Kratom react in mixed consumption? An article in which more specifically the consumption, the effect and the dosage of Kratom is received is here. But the plant is quite suitable for mixed-use because of its rather mild effects of Kratom! Possible herbal combinations are now being addressed …

Kratom + Cannabis

The mixture with cannabis is naturally close. It is the most popular in many countries illegalized shrimp. It is known from scientific studies that the effect of some opioids can be intensified by small amounts of cannabis. Especially codeine profits very much from something THC. And also Kratom is strengthened properly, the body feeling and the felt warmth become more intense. A slightly psychedelic effect is added to the opioid intoxication, one easily gets into the “nodded”. This is a condition which feels like a daydream. Nausea can be easily intensified by smoking grass or hash. Overall a quite worthwhile combination.

Kratom + Mulungu

Mulungu is a legal plant whose tree bark can be purchased either cut or powdered. It affects human GABA receptors, just like Kratom or other opioids, benzodiazepines and alcohol. Kratom in mixing with Mulungu intensify each other very much. Mulungu in itself is soothing and soothing, is therefore sometimes compared with diazepam. Kratom adds to the whole a euphoric, very pleasant component. The dosage should be lower than in the individual consignment, as otherwise, an unpleasant overdose may occur. For a pleasant evening with subsequent sleep, this mixture is very suitable.

Kratom + Alcohol

Alcohol acts just like Kratom on the GABA receptors, so the two drugs intensify each other. Nevertheless, the mixing is not very recommendable, since alcohol makes nausea that Kratom triggers even worse. When a lot of alcohol is drunk, the risk of a potentially fatal respiratory depression and suffocation on your own vomit increases.

Kratom + Kanna

Kanna is a common euphoric plant that can be legally purchased. It does not really sedate, rather easily psychedelic and stimulating. When a dilapidated Kratom is taken, Kanna is more likely to counteract it. Above all higher dosages are not recommendable, best to reach a white variety.


Kratom + Nitrous oxide

Nitrous oxide and Kratom have no real synergetic effect. In practice, this means that the effects tend to alternate. The laughing gas, which is often intensified by other substances, is not changed by the Kratom. However, some consumers report that a lax gas capsule still lasts long after the actual effect has lessened the Kratom noise.

Kratom + Benzodiazepines

The combination Opioide + Benzos is very notorious, already many people died on it. Since Kratom is an opioid, you have to go carefully to this mixture! The synergy can be exploited in low doses (e.g. 5-10mg diazepam / 1mg Alprazolam / 1mg Lorazepam / 1mg Etizolam + 4g Kratom). Proper sedation, euphoria, and anxiety can occur. Cautious, besides the acute danger, benzodiazepines are also very addictive and trigger a strong dependency!

Kratom + St. John’s Wort

The antidepressant medicinal herb St. John’s Wort (Hypericum perforatum) has a very negative effect on the effect of Kratom. St. John’s Wort acts on an enzyme in the body that controls the breakdown of Kratom’s active alkaloids. If St. John’s wort is consumed while Kratom is taken, the kratom is degraded much faster, has a shorter duration and may be somewhat less intense. The mixture of these two plants is thus not well suited.


Kratom in the mixing consume is quite usable in appropriate dosages. It easily suppresses psychedelics, is intensified by cannabis and other downers. The danger of addiction is not to be underestimated! This is an opioid. Do you have experience with Kratom in mixed consumption? Share in the comments!

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