Does Kratom Cause Weight Loss?

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These days many people are struggling with overweight or obese. So everyone is looking for different kind of diets which can give them the proper result. There are different types of diets available which claim as the best solution for weight loss. But the hard part is to find the authenticity of the particular diet. Many people find it tough to choose which one would be the best to solve their problem of being an overweight or obese issue. Some people have started taking kratom for weight loss as a supplement.

Does Kratom Cause Weight Loss?

Kratom is an entirely natural herb which comes from a plant called Mitragyna speciosa. This plant usually grows in Southeast Asia. Kratom is an herbal substance and has many beneficial effects on your health. To know more visit

Kratom for Weight Loss

Kratom is a very useful product especially for those who want to get rid of extra weight or obese related problems. It is a herb that is hundred percent natural and works in both direct and indirect ways to reduce ones’ weight that makes it a better choice compare to other types of supplement for weight loss. Kratom works through some means such as appetite suppression and craving reduction. Working potency of kratom is much higher when it is ingested on an empty stomach.

Kratom suppresses your appetite

Most of the kratom users would agree with the fact that kratom strains have some appetite suppressing effects. After consuming of few doses, you will be able to see this surprising effect of kratom. You will notice that you don’t feel that much hungry as you used to. Kratom also causes very less adverse side effects in comparison to other weight loss supplements which make it a better choice.

Craving reduction

Many people get easily attracted to unhealthy oily fast foods, candies or pastries. Kratom helps in reducing the desire or lust for this unhealthy foods. Kratom contains an ingredient called alkaloids, which counter the brain’s reward pathways and substitute it to the reward zone. As a result of this, you develop a dislike for these unhealthy foods.

Choosing the right strains for weight loss

If you are consuming kratom for weight loss, then you should be very watchful in choosing the right kratom strain and also about the proper dosage of it. White or green-veined kratom strains are very helpful for losing weight. These types of kratom strains have some energising effects also which helps you to stay fit.

Dosage is also an important factor to boost up your energy. Large dosages have some sedating effects. To avoid this effect, it is advisable to start with lower dosage (i.e. 1-4gm of kratom per day) which increases the energising effects of kratom. When you try to lose weight with an herbal supplement like kratom, you need to stick with a healthy diet, do some regular exercise and most importantly always stay hydrated. If you keep these things in mind while using kratom for weight loss, then surely you will be able to see some good results.

Is ingesting kratom for weight loss is safe?

Many disparagers consider kratom’s long-term effects of weight loss could be an unwanted side effect. This rise an important question, whether it is totally safe to use kratom for weight loss purpose? The answer is yes, but it should not be the sole intention because this natural herb has much more healthy benefits.

Focusing only on weight loss by using kratom can lead to some unhealthy pattern. Kratom has lots of comprehensive benefits; it brings happiness and relaxation in your body and mind. It is quite a type of low-stress weight losing strategy. There is no evidence has been found regarding the harmful effects of kratom. Though the alkaloids that kratom contains pass through your central nervous system and bloodstream, it does not cause any negative effects other than some temporary effects such as sedation, relaxation, brain fog, stomach upset, etc.

Kratom has some safeguards within itself which prevent any harmful effects from happening. Due to the short acting characteristics of alkaloids, you will not experience the side effects of kratom for a long time which you used to feel when consuming other types of strong opiate drugs.

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