10 foods to prevent vaginal infections

Vaginal infections are a frequent problem in women. For example, at least once a year, the woman gets an infection caused by fungi. The most frequent is the vaginal infection caused by the fungus Candida albicans, which causes candidiasis, a problem that you have surely heard about. Best foods to prevent vaginal infections. We share some foods to prevent vaginal infections.

To understand why these infections appear, and what foods can protect you, it is important to first know how the vagina is protected.

How the vagina is protected

In the vagina of the woman, as in other mucous membranes, in the intestine, etc., there are protective germs. These microorganisms are called saprophytic flora and their mission is to combat the invasion of other pathogens that may cause a problem.

The protective flora of the vagina can weaken in certain circumstances. For example, by taking antibiotics for a long period of time, by unprotected sex, a lowering of defenses, a poor diet or lack of hygiene. When this happens and an enemy microorganism comes into contact with the vagina infection can occur.

In summer, for example, because of moisture from sweat or wet swimsuit, vaginal infections are common.

In addition to adequate hygienic measures, an effective way to prevent them is to follow a healthy diet such as that recommended by doctors to include foods that have substances that can protect us from these infections.

Cranberry Cranberryvaginal infections

It will help you maintain good health of the vagina and urinary tract and fight infections such as cystitis. Cystitis is caused by bacteria that enter the bladder.

According to a study conducted by the Autonomous University of Madrid and published in the  International Journal of Molecular Sciences. The American cranberry can reduce bacterial colonization and prevent the progression of the disease. This protective action owes aa to substances called proanthocyanidins (PAC). When they are administered in adequate doses and in pharmaceutical preparations. They can prevent the bacteria from adhering to the walls of the urinary tract and thus prevent their propagation.

Always with the consent of your doctor, you can use it as an adjunct to antibiotics or prevent the infection from reappearing.

Garlicvaginal infections

Garlic is a potent bactericide and it has also been seen that it can fight against a type of frequent vaginal infection: candidiasis. As it is also an excellent antioxidant, it helps to keep your defenses active to fight against any enemy microorganism.

Take two cloves of raw garlic a day and add it in your salads, pasta, toast very chopped. Keep reading- 3 healthy ideas for fast dinners

Rutabagavaginal infections

It is a cross between cabbage and turnip. That’s why it’s also called rutabaga. It is rich in antioxidants, vitamin C, potassium, and fiber. Rutabaga is also one of the best antifungals that exist. It can be used in broths, creams, purees or salads.

Probioticsvaginal infections

Probiotics are foods that contain friendly bacteria that help keep the intestinal flora in balance. It has also been seen that women who have fungal infections can feel relief when using probiotic pills in their vagina. An example of a probiotic is yogurt. This contains live “friendly” microorganisms that penetrate your intestine and colonize it forming an army of protective agents.

Taking one a day will improve your intestinal health, strengthen your defenses and that will prevent infections.

Whole grainsvaginal infections

Whole grains are foods rich in B vitamins, essential for defenses to work well and you can fight infections like vaginal ones. In addition, they help you eat healthily and lose weight thanks to its fiber content that helps balance your intestinal flora and prevent constipation.

Onionvaginal infections

Onion is another excellent food that helps you fight against vaginal infections. It fights fungi, bacteria, and parasites.

It is recommended to take it raw but as its smell is very strong and it can leave you bad breath. You can combine it with a little parsley or let it rest in water and vinegar 24 hours before.

Gingervaginal infections

Ginger is a food that stimulates the body’s natural cleansing and helps eliminate toxins. It also strengthens the immune system and is a powerful stimulant. It also improves the digestive system and calms any type of inflammation.

Olive oilvaginal infections

Olive oil contains a substance, oleuropein, useful to fight against vaginal infections such as candidiasis. In addition, because of its richness in vitamin E and antioxidants, it stimulates the immune system so that it will be easier for you to combat these problems.

Fruits and vegetablesvaginal infections

You should never do without these foods because they have vitamins and minerals necessary for your body to resist infections. For example, citrus fruits, strawberries, peppers, kiwi are rich in vitamin C that reduces inflammation of your body and prevents you from getting sick.

Eggs, seafood fishvaginal infections

Eggs, seafood, and fish are rich in zinc. This mineral helps to form white blood cells in the body. That is, our defenses and this will help you fight infections. In addition, the egg and fish contain vitamin D that also helps the body to contain the invasion of enemy microorganisms.

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