12 Tips to meditate if you are a beginner

Go back to exercising, bathing your pet, taking out clothes that you no longer wear, finishing reading the book that has some dust on your nightstand, these are just some of the things that we always end up postponing because we don’t have time or we are very tired to do them.

But there is something that you are sure to enjoy more than anything because, in addition to being a form of spiritual healing, it serves to connect your emotional and spiritual side with the physical.

1.Wear comfortable clothes

Have you noticed that most people who practice meditation always wear loose clothing? And it is much more comfortable to do it. So I recommend that if you want to concentrate faster and have more comfort, wear loose and soft clothes; cotton garments are indicated. Take off accessories like a watch, earrings or necklaces, and forget about tight clothing.

2. Find a quiet place12 Tips to meditate if you are a beginner

It doesn’t matter if it’s outdoors (like your garden or balcony), or inside your house; The important thing is that there are no interruptions and noises that can bother you. You must know that the place you choose must give you comfort and peace.

3. Light incense or a humidifier

When you start to meditate you realize that all your senses are more receptive than when they are in an “automatic” state, so I recommend that if you have incense or a humidifier in your house, use these. It is not strictly used, but you can notice that when you meditate your nose becomes sharper. It helps you to concentrate and relax more easily.

4. Take a comfortable pose12 Tips to meditate if you are a beginner

A correct and comfortable posture makes the difference between being able to focus on meditation or just wanting to change your posture every two seconds, so you can do it in two ways, both really comfortable and, most importantly: they allow you to meditate calmly and effective.

  • Sitting: If you choose this option, it is best to do it on a yoga mat, sitting in the center of your bed or directly on the floor; Your back should be straight and without tension. You will be able to breathe deeply keeping your arms away.
  • Lying down: You can lie on your bed or on the yoga mat itself; It is better to discard the floor option, because after a few minutes you may start to feel uncomfortable. Your posture should be completely straight, so that your legs and arms are separated, not in the starfish style, but also not together.

5. Focus your energy on your body and breathing

This is most likely the most complicated step of all since it is difficult not to pay attention to our thoughts, to give that attention to your body and your breathing, so you must do two basic things so that you really feel that there is a connection between your Mind, each part of your body and your breathing:

Count your breaths: Before focusing on your body you must focus on your breathing; experience the sensation of inhaling, holding the air in the lungs and then exhaling. Count your breaths in rounds of ten; These must be deep, this way it will be easier to make the connection between your mind and your body.

Focus on your sensations: Learn to pay attention to every part of your body; in this way, you will better identify each sensation you experience, and you will notice how your arms, feet, abdomen, fingers and even areas of the skin have a different sensation and how it changes depending on the concentration you have in each area.

6. Eliminate distracting noises

This is probably somewhat complicated, more if everyone in your house is doing home office, children play indoors or you simply have all the notification alerts on WhatsApp or Instagram news or messages activated, so stay away from any noise that comes to exist. Silence your cell phone and find a room or moment when you have those 10 or 20 minutes of silence exclusive to you.

7. Put on relaxing music12 Tips to meditate if you are a beginner

One way to get focused when you’re meditating is by playing background music that will help you reach the level of focus you want. So take advantage of the meditative song playlists offered by YouTube and Spotify.

8. Distractions are natural, don’t beat yourself up

If it is one of the first times that you practice meditation, it is completely normal for your own thoughts to distract you, but it should not stop you from meditating. So do not bother or be angry with yourself if at the beginning you are already thinking about anything else; just suppress that thought and recount your breaths to enter that zen mode again.

9. Start with 10-minute lapses daily

You may think that 10 minutes is little, that it is very little time, that you can do more, but it is not that you are going to meditate for four hours straight the first day of starting. And it is that actually 10 minutes with eyes closed, completely dedicated to you and your thoughts at the beginning are too much; ideally, it should be 20 minutes, but initially, it is best to only be 10 minutes. It will even help you fall asleep more easily.

10. Take advantage of guided meditations

If you think that you are something noob in this thing about meditation. Or you just think that you still cannot concentrate enough to meditate on your own. One of the options you have is to start with guided meditations, which have the same purpose as you meditate. Alone or, even, it is like having attended a meditation class but from the comfort of your home. Still, you can find many options on YouTube and Spotify.

11. When finished thank

This part should not be exclusive to meditation, because, in reality. We should do it for all the good things that come into our lives. But I recommend that once you finish your meditation practice for the day give thanks for three things that you consider valuable, such as your family, having to eat and a home where you can sleep.

12. Commit to doing it daily

Meditating and achieving an emotional and physical balance together is something of discipline and perseverance, so you must be committed to reaching the level you want to be at; so now you know, take advantage of these days that you will have free time and dedicate those minutes to you.

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