4 Successful ways to stay on track with your weight loss plan

Do you find sticking to your goals extremely challenging just as you find it tough to stick to your budget?  If answered yes, then it’s probably high time that you adopt a new approach. If you can commit full time to the oxygen lifestyle, you can immediately get a lean and fit body with lasting power. It has been studied by the University of California that more than 85% of people who lose weight actually gain it back due to not maintaining a proper diet and exercise regimen. If you’ve been wondering about the ways in which you can stick to your regimen and stay motivated throughout, here are few steps that you need to take.

  1. Sex can be a good form of exercise

Firstly, it’s a fun way of staying fit and secondly it helps you stay on the slim track. When you have an orgasm, it releases endorphins in your brain without the calories. The more weight you lose, the better your sex life gets. As per a Duke University, it has been seen that even a 10% reduction in weight lead to major and big improvements in areas like foreplay, arousal, feelings of attractiveness and many such other activities.

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  1. Keep a track of your progress

Weight loss is an indeed serious business if you treat it in that manner. If you keep weighing yourself every morning, you will turn out to be the biggest loser. Instead of doing that, in case you’re computer savvy, you can soon create a chart with fever line which shows pounds dropping over time. Even if you stop losing pounds for a week, by checking out the kind of progress that you’ve made earlier, you can still remain motivated.

  1. Get massaged

As per a new research from the Ohio State University, women who accept their bodies in the way they are, they’re more likely to have better eating habits. How about giving your body a massage? Often when you get a massage or get your body touched by some other person, women can often get more comfortable with their bodies.

  1. Become regular with your exercise classes

Join a group exercise class and make friends with all your fellow regulars. When you see your pals being inspired, this will also make you motivated. When you have a guilt factor, it always motivates you to be more efficient and active with exercising.

Apart from taking care of your entire body, if you wish to take care of your calves, you can read this article. Make sure you choose the right portions of food so that you don’t overeat and gain unnecessary weight.

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