5 amazing strategies to deal with mental fatigue

Mental fatigue, The people have a special ability to dream, to imagine, to establish long-term projects and motivate those goals. However, this spiritual balance to live in freedom and fullness usually be seriously impaired by mental fatigue.

Suddenly, without knowing how, we feel a gigantic wall in our minds that suffocates us and brings those black clouds that affect our mood. Our thinking then allowed to lend support to become negative and even dangerous.

Mental HealthWe can not forget that mental fatigue can lead gradually to a drop in energy, the arrival of sadness and therefore a depression. We must avoid. We must address the mental fatigue by these simple strategies, insurance, you are going to be useful or at least make reflections.

1. Create “clean” spaces in your mind

This data is really funny. You know that people generate daily about 50,000 thoughts that do not serve us at all ? In fact, most are repetitive and mechanical thoughts without any use. The rest refer to the past or are simply thoughts that put negative “tripping” to your life rather than bridges to your soul.

So why do you ignore them? The ideal and necessary is that you think in your mind clean rooms. Deletes all those phrases like “this is not going to be okay,” “I will not be able”, “is that others want, others expect me to …” . Eliminates these phrases and take them to your “recycling bin mind” , to open new spaces reborn phrases like “I deserve it”, “I’ll get it,” “I feel safe.” ..

2. Forget the conditional tense

“Is that if I had done this now could …” “I have already decide, however …” “What if I told this person that I feel?”, “Would be best put this, but I … “,” if he told me that I would be happier “,” if I got this, then … “.

It is important to know that this type of conditional sentences that predominate times are a real torture and the cause of much of our fatigue mind. Thus, and from this moment it begins to change tenses to assess this and more ACTION: “I’ll do it”, “I’m going to say”, “I decide to …”.

3. Do you know what is one of your greatest enemies? Routine

We know. The daily duties require individuals we see subjected to a routine that work, those daily chores with family, with children … So how do you escape the routine? Try to do something different every day. Dedicate at least two hours to yourself to do what you really want.

Own space, a moment of freedom and a daily illusion are the best allies to overcome the routine and combat mental fatigue.

4. Look at the horizon while moving

What do we mean by looking at the horizon as we move? It’s very simple. One of the best ways to get rid of mental fatigue is exercise, but it would be an exercise to allow you to get in touch with nature, with the mountains, the sea …

It would be appropriate to go walking every day for an hour. And as you walk briskly, take your gaze to the horizon, where freedom and vastness expands. If you fail your eyes, your brain and your mind in this wonderful corner, everything will start to be relativist in your life. You let go many weights and you will feel more free. Try it!

5. Your mind palace where refuge

To understand the concept of “mental palace”, you will get a simple example. Imagine you are at work, on a day of a lot of pressure, or you are holding a meeting family at home and you feel very saturated, very mental fatigue .

What can we do? Breathe in and breathe deeply. Now visualize your “mental palace.” It may be that place where you always relax and that you like to go, a beach, a cafe .. Or you can visualize an ideal place you do not know: a Parisian street or garden fantasy quiet surrounded by flowers that smell really good. No matter where your imagination wants to go.

Now he realizes that nobody can bother you there, nobody pressed and you feel free to walk or even to cry and let off steam if desired. You could be here all the time you want to calm down, to free.

The displays are quiet dimensions where we can relax each day to combat mental fatigue. Just a moment you go to the service, or look for a corner of the office where coffee … The states of calm help us to reflect and, in turn, provide us with energy, free the mind and offer those “clean rooms “of which we spoke at the beginning.

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