5 days of strength training

Want a routine that your body tone up? Here you have a Monday to Friday days of complete circuits combined with days of weights to develop yourself and even excellent physical condition.


  • Begin the week with a seven-circuit exercises to burn fat
  • Have followed three days of weights to shape your muscles
  • You’ll end the week with another fat burning circuit
  • You have to have a minimum knowledge of the correct technique for all exercises, if you do not know ask a monitor in your gym that you teach it. The technique is fundamental.
  • Saturday and Sunday rest
  • Eating healthy is mandatory if you want to see results
  • Apply this routine at least 8 weeks to see results

FitnessMonday and Friday. Circuit

3 rounds of 10 reps for each exercise with no rest between each other.


It is the first part of the Olympic lifts, the combination of dead weight and shoulder press. Movement is a typical crossfit, it’s simple and attacked several muscle groups simultaneously. Starts playing dead weight but when you wake take the bar under the chin and from there do a military press. Repeat 10 times.


Hanging leg lifts

Hang from a bar and let the rocking motion stops. Do not do anything until your body is still. With legs straight all your abdominal muscles contracted. Slowly lift your feet and doing a controlled force from the abdomen movement. As it is a very hard exercise can start moving them halfway ángoulo forming a 90 °. Over time points to touch the bar with your feet, always keeping your legs straight. Lower your legs slowly in a controlled manner and repeat. This exercise will only be effective if you keep good technique, which is to do the exercise without swinging and concentrate on working the abdominal muscles.


Dumbbell Step

Ever took aerobics classes? They usually steps are used to give a more complete work to the legs. To exercise this circuit is the same but what you do with dumbbells. And as shown in the picture you can do on a bench exercises too. 10 repetitions per leg.


Pushups Rowing

Typical pushups but with an added, holding a pair of hexagonal dumbbells. You make the lizard or bending and end beams an oar on one side with the dumbbell, then doing another flexing and rowing with the other. 10 repetitions.


Swings kettlebell or dumbbell

10 reps alternating arms straight up and down correctly. Always keep well contracted abdomen.


Funds for triceps exercise bench

Get a pair of exercise benches, one put your legs together and arms at the other with palms forward. Descend 10X unopened keeping elbows close to body.

Saturday. Chest and Back

4 sets of 10 repetitions for each exercise.

Openings in flat bench dumbbell. Rate in a plane and open dumbbell bench, not as if you were doing a press.Sitting job opening in the chest.

Chin. Centre open grip, but the amount that you can point to reach the 4 sets of 10 repetitions at the end of 8 weeks.

Incline bench press. With a weight bar and you get to just ten repetitions without sacrificing technique.

Seated pulley rowing. 4 × 10

Saturday. Legs

Spaces overlook spend this day, is key!

4 sets of 10 repetitions each.

Squats. Traditional squats first two weeks, second two weeks deep squats. 4 × 10.

Deadlifts with legs straight. 4 × 10

Curl femoral off. Weighing just to let you get to 10 reps.

Barbell lunges or lunges. Stand with your feet at shoulder height and do lunges alternating legs or walking. 10 on each leg.

Saturday. Shoulders and Arms

Biceps curl w barbell close grip. 4 × 10

Funds for hanging on parallel bar triceps. Closes elbows well not to work the pecs and controls movement. 4 × 10 is the goal, but start with what you can.

Barbell shoulder press. Sitting and taking the bar behind the neck. Manage weight and controls movement.

Lateral dumbbell flies. 4 × 10

Saturday. Circuit. Repeat Monday

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