The 5 most frequent mistakes when making a fried egg

The 5 most frequent mistakes when making a fried egg. Eggs in all their formats are an ally in the kitchen when you have little time to cook. And, in addition to being nutritious, if they are well made they are delicious. But getting ready is not easy. In the case of fried eggs, several factors may influence, such as the freshness of the egg, the oil and even how to break them before pouring them into the pan. To make you perfect, keep in mind these 5 frequent mistakes that range from choosing the raw material to the ingredients at the time of cooking.

1.Poor quality of the raw material fried egg

Using quality raw material is the unavoidable rule. Do not fry an egg in any oil. Use virgin olive oil. In addition, it is important that this oil has not been used before, be clean, without the remains of the previous frying. And the same goes for eggs: whether they are organic or chickens raised outdoors. The fresher, the better. The fresher they are, the more united the clear one will be next to the yolk (less scattered when you open the egg).

2.Breaking the egg fried egg

If you are not particularly good at breaking eggs, do not do it directly on the pan. You can do it in a small glass, and once you have the oil very hot, throw the egg from this container. The closer to the oil you put the glass, the better: you will avoid breaking the yolk. So that the egg does not break at any time, it is also important that the pan you use is new. This way it will be easy to remove it and serve it on the plate once fried, without having undesired “accidents”. Continue Reading-“”

3.Little oil and little hot fried egg

The amount of oil must be plentiful. If you put little, the egg will be grilled, not fried, and therefore you will not get the edge of the white crisp. In addition, it is important that the oil is very hot at the time of pouring it into the pan. You should start to get a little smoke (very little, otherwise the oil would be burned).

4. Leave the raw clear

If you want your fried eggs to be perfect, you have to pour hot oil from the pan over them, while they are fried. This way you will make the white one cook also on the top part and not be raw, with a snotty texture. In addition, with this practice, you will also achieve the crispy edges.

5. Do not put salt fried egg

This is the most frequent mistake of all. Only a finger of salt is necessary before throwing the egg into the pan.       You May Like This-“”


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