5 Major Benefits of Aquatic Exercise for Weight Loss

Aquatic exercise comes in many forms making it accessible to anyone, plus it can be a great, fun, unique way to get in shape, lose weight, and improve your lifestyle choices. If other exercise routines haven’t help you achieve your weight loss and fitness goals in the past, water fitness may be right for you. You can choose to swim, dive, and more! If you love being in the water, this is likely a great fitness option for you and your exercise needs. Here are 5 of the major benefits of aquatic exercise for weight loss.

  1. Aquatic exercises in the water will limit the pressure and impact imposed on your joints. Unlike other athletic activities like running, swimming and being in the water will help ease the pressure and weight inflicted on the joints. If you have joint problems, specifically in the knees, it can make exercise more comfortable and help you stick to a fitness plan to lose weight successfully. Even if you don’t have problems, water can help you prevent causing injuries to your joints due to over exertion.
  2. Aquatic exercise also develops your endurance. Swimming especially will require you to improve your endurance to continuously breathe, and push yourself to swim further and for a longer amount of time as your abilities improve. The more you practice, the more your endurance will be enhanced for swimming as well as for other sports and activities in your day to day life.
  3. Water sports Include cardio work which is great for your heart and for burning fat. Cardio workouts help to increase your metabolism, meaning you will burn more fat and calories, using energy effectively in your body. Cardio workouts are also great for your overall health, improving the strength of your heart. This can improve circulation and reduce your likelihood of developing heart disease or having a heart attack.
  4. Aquatic exercise is also helpful for losing weight because it tones your core and muscles. You will be able to develop core strength which is great for your posture and overall fitness. In addition, your arm and leg muscles will become especially defined and strong. Muscle mass helps to reduce body fat percentages and allows you enjoy a lean, strong, healthy body.
  5. Finally, aquatic exercises are great because they are not limited just to lap swimming. There are a wide variety of fitness options out there to keep things interesting and to help keep you on track with your fitness and weight loss goals! Water aquatics include various sports. You may choose to swim, do water aerobics, take up water volleyball, dive, play water polo and so much more. There are lots of options available to you so that you can constantly challenge yourself and try new things.

If you are interested in losing weight through aquatic aerobics or exercise, you should definitely consider the benefits and look into which exercises will be best for you. You may choose to swim laps in a SwimEx pool at home or take a water aerobics class at your local community center. No matter what you choose, you will enjoy less pressure on joints, improved endurance, cardio benefits, weight loss, strength development and fun!

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