5 Noticeable Signs if your Loved One is a Drug Addict

Although the use of drugs and alcohol present themselves in separate ways, both share some similar signs and symptoms. In most of the cases, addicts take too long to realize that they are suffering a problem. Often, the addicts try to hide their wrong habits from their family members and look for a place such as a bar or a pub where they can drink alcohol or use drugs safely.

Drug Addict

While the addict tries his or her best to hide the fact of using drug or alcohol from everyone surrounding him or her, there are some signs and symptoms that can help one know whether the person is using drugs or alcohol.

Let’s walk through 5 most common signs found in drug addicts.

Changes in Physics

One of the most easy to recognize signs are the physical changes that transform your beloved one into a person who is addict to drugs or an alcoholic. You must be aware that if a person is addict, their mind is always craving for drugs of their choice and good things like eating properly, doing exercise regularly and focusing on diet or fitness are all ignored.

So, you may know about addiction through some noticeable outcomes such as major weight loss and weight gain, sudden change in skin color or complexion and changes in personal hygiene.

Behavioral Changes

There are a myriad of ways an individual can change its behavior if addicted to alcohol or drugs. This involves a lot of things to consider and hence it can be a huge subject to cover here. However, there are several changes found common in addicts such as showing no interest to things they used to give a lot of importance once, active people may become lazy-bum, they may adapt to a very negative outlook, remain in depression and suffer from stress, and shows off horrible mood-swings.

While such behavioral changes can be very normal for many people, but these are found very often in addicts. Many drug rehabilitation centers in USA offer dual diagnosis services to help people suffering from behavioral problems.

Abnormal sleeping habits

Sleeping habits of a drug addict are mostly very abnormal or unpredictable. Depending on the type of drug they are using, their sleeping habits and routine activities may vary drastically. For example, the person may sleep in odd hours, or fall asleep during ongoing communication.

To the contrary, drugs like cocaine and methamphetamines have the tendency to keep users more alert and awaken most of the time. And opiates like heroin and prescribed painkillers slow down the functioning of the body and breed the impact of sleeping. If you are seeing any strange changes in the sleeping habit of your beloved one, it can be a hint of drug or alcohol addiction.

Running away from responsibilities

The whole focus of addicts is on gaining drugs of their choice and thus they indirectly become negative to all other important aspects of life. They try to run away from their responsibilities in the family, in school or at the workplace.

Repeatedly breaks the rules of government or society

The behavioral problems of drug addicts can lead them to many serious problems. They tend to do things that are against the law such as a robbery, crime, and accident.

If your beloved one is exhibiting any of these 5 signs, consult a reputed alcohol and drug rehab center today.
Author Bio: Eric has surveyed the feedback or recovery experiences of patients of a number of drug rehabilitation centers across USA. She shares her knowledge through writing and contributes to people’s awareness about the drug addiction and its effects.

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