5 tips to overcome the tiredness caused by the summer heat

Finally, the summer has arrived, bringing sunshine, warmth and the much desired holidays. The summer season certainly has positive aspects but the excessive increase in temperature. And the heat can be enemies of the energies available to the body. How to overcome tiredness in the summer and make the most of this period? Here are some tips to overcome the tiredness.

The causes of fatigue in the summer5 tips to overcome the tiredness caused by the summer heat

When it is very hot the body temperature increases due to both the surrounding environment and the metabolism. However, the body must maintain its internal temperature constant (36-37 degrees) to allow all biochemical reactions. And physiological mechanisms essential for life to take place optimally.

Our body is able to dissipate excess heat thanks to a process called thermoregulation. It is sufficient that the blood temperature increases by 1 ° C, or even less, to activate the heat receptors.

To operate this natural thermoregulation in the presence of heat and sultriness. The body uses different strategies. First of all, the blood vessels dilate (vasodilation) to allow a greater dispersion of internal heat. This leads to a reduction in blood pressure that makes us feel particularly tired. And unresponsive to stimuli, and with a sense of heaviness in the lower limbs. Often, in fact, we find ourselves with swollen ankles and feet because. With the increase in heat, our circulatory system does its daily work with greater difficulty; the limbs swell and you can feel the classic tingling sensation. Which indicates that blood circulation does not reach the extremities correctly.

Sweating is one of the most important thermoregulation mechanisms. Sweat is nothing but a watery solution produced by the sweat glands in which there are various mineral salts (including potassium and magnesium. But also sodium and chlorine). If not replenished promptly, water loss can lead to more or less severe states of dehydration that occur with muscle fatigue. And exhaustion, difficulty concentrating and feeling light-headed, accompanied by a further reduction in blood pressure. If the state of dehydration worsens, one becomes irritable, one enters a state of confusion. And weakness can take over, to the point of causing fainting.

5 tips to fight fatigue in the summer and recover energy

-To remain active and reactive physically and mentally in spite of the relentless heat. It is important to guarantee the body the right amount of water. And mineral salts, drinking fresh liquids or eating foods rich in water (water, juices and fruit and vegetable juices). , tea, herbal tea, etc.). It is one of the best tips to overcome tiredness.

-Avoid going out during the hottest hours of the day, roughly between 12 and 18 and wearing light-colored, non-adherent clothes in cotton, linen. Or natural fibers are a good precaution to defend yourself against the risks of heat and excessive heat. It is one of the best tips to overcome tiredness.

-Also, the diet must take into account the need to maintain the salt. And water balance and to avoid any additional metabolic stress to the body. Therefore, nutritious foods should be chosen, but light, fresh. And rich in liquids, mineral salts, and vitamins, such as fruits and vegetables, in all possible variations. To complete the summer menus, just bring to the table fish. And legumes (to get the right share of noble proteins and additional precious mineral salts), a few eggs, moderate amounts of cheese and cereals, preferably “wet” (for example, rice salads, barley, pasta, couscous). And wholemeal. It is also advisable to limit the consumption of coffee, alcohol. And carbonated beverages that have a diuretic effect. Increase the fluids expelled by the body. And not available for the cooling process.

-To cope with dehydration and exhaustion in summer is vital the additional help of specific supplements of potassium, magnesium. And vitamins can ensure, with one sachet per day dissolved in a little ‘of water, most of the needs daily of these elements. The integration of vitamins, especially of group B, in combination with mineral salts, allows, on the one hand, to optimize the reactions of energy production by the body, helping to reduce fatigue. And fatigue and improving muscle performance. And the general sense of well-being and, on the other, to protect the activity and integrity of nerve cells.

-Finally, for the well-being of our legs, especially in summer it is advisable to avoid standing for many hours, in warm environments, sitting or standing. If this is not possible, wear graduated compression stockings (tights or knee-highs). Also, to prevent swelling you can apply a cream based on mint, Centella, and aloe, which refreshes the tissues locally; take cold water to the legs during the day and in the evening so as to promote circulation; frequently raise the lower limbs and, if it is tolerated, sleep with the legs higher than the head, placing a small rise under the mattress: this position can reduce swelling, since it favors venous return. On the advice of your doctor, natural phlebotonic substances can also be taken, based on Centella Asiatica, horse chestnut, blueberry, hammamelis, which tone the vessels and capillaries and stimulate circulation.



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