5 tricks (you still do not know) for a perfect make-up

5 tricks (you still do not know) for a perfect make-up. Heat the eyelash curler, do not shake the nail polish and brush your lips: these are some of the makeup tips you do not know yet. Find out here others to put into practice during your routine.

We all love to play with nuances, textures, even daring combinations to enhance the best through make-up. But in addition to the products, to make the difference, often are also the gestures as well as some small – but very useful – tricks that can make the makeup impeccable and lasting. Let’s look at some of them together, but without first having a look at this video that will explain how to best prepare your skin for makeup.

1. Sparkling powder: a must-have multi-purpose5 tricks (you still do not know) for a perfect make-up

The sparkling powder is a product to have absolutely and can lend itself to different (and ingenious) uses. Applied with a brush on the lashes, before mascara, it helps to make them thicker and thicker.

On the lips, however, has a volumizing effect: the lipstick is applied, the mouth is covered with a tissue that absorbs the excess and with a brush the powder is applied.

2. Heat the eyelash curler before using it

5 tricks (you still do not know) for a perfect make-up

Use the hairdryer to heat the end of the eyelash curler, wait a few seconds for it to cool – otherwise, you may burn yourself – and use it. You will see that your eyelashes will sag much more easily and the crease will last longer.

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3. Brush your mouth5 tricks (you still do not know) for a perfect make-up

Not in the sense of teeth, which certainly must always be clean, but of lips! After oral hygiene gently pass the toothbrush on the lips, so as to eliminate the skin and make the skin softer and smoother. At this point, before the lipstick, nourishing them with a specific balsam, they will appear even more turgid and nobody will be able to resist you

4. Apply a little concealer around the lips5 tricks (you still do not know) for a perfect make-up

Still about lips, together with the pencil that defines the cupid’s bow, another trick to enhance the mouth is to apply around the area a little ‘ corrector, especially near the lower lip, where there are often redness, blackheads, enlarged pores, and dyschromia.

5. Nail polish: do not shake!5 tricks (you still do not know) for a perfect make-up

Often with the conviction to make the nail polish for nails smoother, perhaps after a period of inactivity, we begin to shake the bottle very vigorously. Do not do it! In fact, this gesture can cause air bubbles inside the enamel that compromise the drafting and the duration. The right move to do is take the bottle in your hands and rub them holding the nail polish firmly between them. Can not you be precise in applying enamel? Here’s the last tip: this little accessory, the Twwxy Enamel Holder, can change your life and make you perfect nail expert!


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