5 Ways to Lose Weight in Couples

Life as a couple has many beautiful advantages; however, it is common for newlyweds to gain weight. This happens because when we unite with another person we change our routine and therefore our eating habits.

So if you are a newly married woman, or just want to improve the nutrition in your home, follow these simple tips that we will discuss in this article.

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1. Pre-planned scenes

Many people will tell you that breakfast is the most important meal or balancing your food at midday will help you lose weight, however, the most problematic schedule for working couples may turn out to be dinner.

When you get tired and reluctant after a long day of work the last thing you do not want to do is cooking, so it is easier to fall into the temptation of the corner tacos or the sweet bread of the store. Or else, we get so hungry that we can’t even wait to prepare something healthy instead we are going through the cookies, the chocolates, and leftovers of the weekend.

To avoid this uncontrolled food leaves dinner ready before leaving home. Prepare something light at the day start and leave it ready to eat when you arrive. This will allow you to satisfy your hunger with something nutritious and will prevent you from eating cravings.

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2. The coffee

A cup of coffee (decaffeinated coffee will be best) also could be the best way to enjoy some private times with your partner. Try to go for a walk in search of a restaurant for a cup of coffee after the dinner. The further from home the better! The walk will help you to lower your dinner and the fresh air does not hurt anyone. In addition, it will give you the opportunity to live with your partner.

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Having a place that makes the walk easier will be much better. Try to go different places at least twice a week. It is good exercise and better company.

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3. Board Games

Sitting in the armchair watching TV can be very comfortable, but it will also encourage the consumption of food without measure. You can finish an entire bag of popcorn without even realizing it while watching a movie.

Turn off the TV and exercise your brain. A game of cards with your partner gives you the opportunity to talk and stay busy. You can even make it sexy! Remember that sex is also exercise.

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4. Moral support

Never underestimate the power of a club. When you feel the need to break the diet do not hide it from your partner, ask your partner for help!

There is nothing wrong with calling him to convince you not to relapse. For example, if it is someone’s birthday in your office and they carry cake, send a message asking you to go out to celebrate the party. He can help you stay away from temptations.

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5. Exercise routine

Choose an hour to work out together. Whether they go jogging in the morning or take long walks at night. Do not miss the day without physical activity.

You can join a gymnasium where you and your partner can work out together and spend times that makes your physical condition better and it will help you to maintain weight in perfect shape.

The extra

It is never good to control your natural diet and we are not just encouraging you eating less. Ignoring your cravings can hurt you more than it helps. Instead of throwing them away completely, choose a day of the week to indulge you. List all your cravings and select one for each of that special day. It is easier to avoid them during the week if you know that you will soon be able to eat it again.

 If you follow that a balanced meal can make it easier to control the serving.



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