7 keys to a healthy lifestyle

7 keys to a healthy lifestyle. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is the set of a series of habits that include balance in food, physical activity, proper rest, etc. All with the objective of promoting health and avoiding possible diseases. The correct and continuous practice of a healthy lifestyle benefits health promotes well-being and increases life expectancy. It is a fashion that is here to stay. For those who want to get on this healthy wave, here are some options:

1- Maintain a balanced diet7 keys to a healthy lifestyle

A fundamental pillar of health is food. As for healthy food, there are a lot of theories that circulate constantly in magazines and publications on the internet. Beyond the diets that become fashionable months before summer, experts agree that a plate of balanced food should be divided as follows: half must include vegetables, ¼ of protein-rich food, and ¼ of cereals, legumes, and starches. Carrying out fad or fad diets, if they are not being controlled by a professional modernpropertysolutions, can be dangerous since they usually exclude any food group. Each body is different and the nutritional needs must be covered for each particular case.

Nutritionist Marilee Torres recommends “a varied diet that includes all groups of macro and micronutrients, carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, and minerals.” To complete the diet you have to consume three servings of fruits and two of vegetables a day (preferably raw), and at least two liters of water. The latter are regulatory foods that help strengthen health, prevent disease and absorb nutrients. Fbb

2- Practicing physical activities7 keys to a healthy lifestyle

Exercise has very positive effects on the lives of people and also helps in the prevention of diseases. The search for the type of physical activity will depend on each person, always taking into account health. If you do not do sports activities. Or do not resort to any gym there are other small steps that can help. You can walk to a partner’s desk instead of sending emails, choose the staircase instead of the elevator, take the dog for a walk. Or ride the bike with the children.

3- Training with virtual reality7 keys to a healthy lifestyle

For those who have little time, there are technological devices that can help with the goal of staying in motion.Virtual reality (VR) lenses allow the user to immerse themselves in a new reality. They connect through a program that is downloaded from the phone. And from where they can do a routine of transported exercises to another dimension. You only need the glasses and the computer device that will generate the virtual environment such as a computer, console or cell phone.

Virtual reality can be a less boring option to exercise and is aimed at people looking for a different alternative to be in shape. This initiative is not yet positioned as an option in Paraguay, however, it is used in the United States where  NFL football teams, through this innovative and immersive technology,   replicate complex match situations and train the reflexes or the reaction to them.

4- Maintain adequate rest7 keys to a healthy lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle includes a proper rest. It is key to replenish the energies that are needed to face the day to day. It is recommended to answer these questions to know if you have rested enough: how is your mood? Do you usually sleep 7 to 8 hours per day? Do you have symptoms of anxiety or depression? Sleeping is synonymous with health and has a positive effect on well-being.

5- Enjoy free time7 keys to a healthy lifestyle

Leisure and recreation are as valuable to the health of people as healthy eating habits and physical activity. In ancient civilizations, as in those of Greece and ancient Rome, they considered it a form of human fulfillment, since time was destined for activities that enriched the spirit and the intellect. Today it is related to activities such as watching television, listening to the radio, reading a book, doing outdoor activities, cultural activities. And digital leisure, which includes those that revolve around computers and the Internet.

The best way to take advantage of free time is to recognize those activities that benefit physical and mental health. The degree of use will depend on each person, their aspirations and their awareness of the benefits that may bring.

6- Avoid excessive consumption of alcohol and tobacco7 keys to a healthy lifestyle

It is nothing new that the consumption of tobacco or alcohol leads to physical and mental deterioration. According to a study by the World Health Organization, the consumption of alcoholic beverages ranks third among the main risk factors of ill health in the world. In the same way, the harmful effects and consequences that tobacco has on the health are known. Since it affects several organs of the body and in addition, the smoke can also harm other people.

7- Take measures to improve mental health7 keys to a healthy lifestyle

Having good habits also allows you to be healthy mentally and emotionally. People who have good habits usually deal with their personal and professional development, working every day so that their life is the closest thing to what they crave. With simple changes in behavior and daily habits can have great gains in health and longevity.


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