7 tips to improve your mental health

7 tips to improve your mental health. Emotional well-being is as important as physical health. So much so that when our mind is not balanced, our body also suffers the consequences. A migraine, back pain, insomnia and stomach problems often indicate a problem of mental origin. Do not be afraid to recognize that you need to improve your mental health.  It is not synonymous with madness or serious disturbances, but with a much more important aspect than you imagine. If you are too stressed if you struggle to concentrate or sleep,  read on and you will find some tips to avoid these complications.

 mental health
Young woman performing yoga pose in living room

1. Avoid overweight to improve mental health

Overweight and obesity mean that you have more fat than your body needs. Putting aside the aesthetic question, this significantly affects our brain. Its functioning is influenced by this condition, so it presents an alteration of cognitive development and skills aimed at managing feelings and ideas. In this sense, remember that it is not about being thin, but about eliminating fat. To achieve this goal, it is sufficient to follow a balanced diet, accompanied by physical activity.

2. Read, especially surrealist topics mental health

Reading is a fundamental tool to take care of your mental health and improve it. It obliges us to keep attentive, to remember and to relate concrete facts with abstract ideas. Moreover, it helps us to get in touch with situations that we have not experienced, so it prepares us to face them if one day they happen to us or to the people who are part of our reality. Surrealist texts, in particular, introduce unusual associations. These associations are useful for improving one’s mental health because they favor the creation of new brain models.

3.Practice multitasking mental health

Performing various activities at the same time is a perfect exercise for our mind. Its therapeutic value consists in training speed in processing information. The faster you can do it, the better it will be. Continue reading-“http://calvitaminsuit.com/brain-development-along-life/”

4. Turn off the television mental health

Normally you spend at least an hour in front of the television before going to bed. This causes a phenomenon called sleep deficit. It consists in the appearance of excessive fatigue because you can not sleep enough. Television causes such exhaustion because, since we like watching it, we lengthen the times and go to sleep later.


 mental health
Young woman performing yoga pose in living room

Meditation helps us to clear our mind of all that worries us. Stress and negative emotions give rise to neural connections that prevent us from thinking clearly, and that sometimes come to block us. When this happens for a long time, the brain begins to shrink and our health is affected.

6.Register for group activities

Even if you like being alone, do not forget that man is by nature a social animal. We need to share our experiences and our projects with others. When we do it, our self-esteem improves and therefore we build our identity. The question of identity goes far beyond the ego. Being aware of who we are and what we want is positive to set ourselves goals, but also to find our place in the world.

7.Scribble mental health

No importance is given to art education. Many people give up this skill because they can not draw. However, it is not necessary to be Frida Kahlo or Leonardo Da Vinci in order to take advantage of the benefits it offers us. Taking a sheet and scribbling is enough to relax, to stimulate concentration and to improve memory.  As you have seen, we can all improve our mental health. The only requirement is to organize your own agenda to cut time for yourself.

We advise you to take this aspect seriously. No matter how much you want something or how much you work to get it: if you are not well, you will not reach your purpose.

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