8 Healthy and Cheap Eating Tips

Sometimes it seems that eating healthy can be expensive, since foods like fish, certain cuts of meat, some vegetables or vegetables or products like the healthy avocado can go on a budget. But I can assure you that eating healthy will be the best choice you can make in your life and maybe it also could be cheap if you choose the right products and follow the following tips:Healthy and Cheap Food

Plan your meals

Planning what you are going to eat during the week is a great way to avoid the temptations on the days you arrive home tired, like that great pre-cooked pizza. You will have healthier and faster products to make a great and complete salad. You’ll also throw less food in the trash, which will help you waste less food and, of course, less money.

Make the shopping list

Once you have planned your meals, establish a shopping list and adjust to it when you go to the supermarket. This way you will avoid buying things that you already had at home but did not remember or buy things that you really do not need or will not spend.Healthy and Cheap Food

Do not go shopping with hunger

Buying with hunger is a real mistake and an enemy of your goal of buying healthy food. According to this study, for example, when you’re hungry you’re more likely to buy food that is not on your shopping list and make an impulse buy full of processed foods that may low in nutrients and high in calories. In short, you will buy less healthy products. But that’s not all, according to this other study from the University of Minnesota; hungry shoppers spent 64% more than those who went to buy a full stomach.

Avoid processed products

You cannot imagine how much money you can save if you avoid food, such as soft drinks, snacks, chips, etc. And how will you gain health as these products provide more salt, unhealthy fats, and sugars?

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Remember that the first thing to eat healthily is to avoid being surrounded by unsavory products and have at your fingertips healthy food.Healthy and Cheap Food

Buy seasonal foods

Buy seasonal food and closeness is usually cheaper than buying food out of season or from distant places, since transportation and storage expensive price. Eating healthy is one of the benefits you can have this option but in addition, these products are often a source of vitamins, minerals, and flavor. Three in one we might not think of it.

Replaces part of the meat with other types of protein

The meat can be expensive, especially the best cuts. Therefore you can replace some of the meat rations for other types of protein such as vegetable proteins that can bring you a plate of vegetables with the same amount of proteins. In winter you can consume them in casseroles, but you can also consume them in the form of a salad or as vegetable burgers. Do not just stick with the stew!Healthy and Cheap Food

More cook at home

Cooking more at home allows you to not only control the products you add to your food, which usually means less salt and less unhealthy fat, but also saves you money.

In addition, healthy eating options away from home are usually quite small and repetitive so eating healthy can end up being boring. I recommend you find recipes online. If you change meals away from home by toppers you can improve your food and incidentally help your home economics. So try to enter this option whenever you can.

Use leftovers

When you cook at home sometimes there is some sort of damn leftovers that end up going to waste. Instead use them to your advantage. Cooking more portion of what you need from some dishes can be a great help to not spend the day cooking. I recommend you freeze for example vegetable creams or even rice dishes with vegetables or stuffed eggplants. They remain just as good once defrosted and, in addition, can be your lifeline those days when you arrive tired home.



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