A simple way to improve the mood

There is one, but are hundred studies that confirm the significant influence of physical activity on the mood. In particular, it was established that exercising regularly has a preventive effect in the face of problems such as anxiety and depression.

Often we forget that the body and mind are inseparable unit. What happens to the body affects the mind and vice versa. In fact, there are important reasons to affirm that the mind, preponderantly, determines the proper functioning of the body. So when you feel sad increases the chances of contracting a virus or suffer from headaches or stomach problems.

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The reason is simple: what we call “mind” resides in a physical place, the brain. This organ determines the operation of the whole body and has an impact on every organ.

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A state of mind, such as depression, is expressed in organic growth in several ways. One of these is the appearance of some chemical changes in brain function. Less endorphins and other components are produced. This also means that change the emotions and the way we perceive the world.

The answer of science in the face of these phenomena has always been to give drugs to regain the lost balance. The problem is that their action is not permanent, but fleeting. So you can create exactly the same dynamic of an addiction: you have to take the drug on a frequent basis to feel better.

In addition, psychiatric drugs have significant side effects that affect both physical and mental health. Some people experience tremors, difficulty sleeping or nausea when they take this class of medicines. Many have reported an increase of depression or anxiety after taking the drug regularly for a few years.

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Many experts these treatments do not solve the problem, simply mask. The ideal would be to treat depression with conversation, with words and with a therapy; however, not everyone is attracted to this opportunity or, in any case, are not short-term relief for their pain even consult a professional.

It is at this point that makes its appearance physical activity as an economic alternative, fun and very effective in treating this type of symptoms. This also has a chemical explanation.

In a research carried out by the University Duke were compared a group of adults who suffered from depression and who had followed a regular exercise program, and a group in which the problem had been dealt with sertraline, a pill for depression. The result was that in both there was an improvement in the same proportions.

This and many other studies suggest that it is valid the hypothesis that exercise produces chemical changes in the brain comparable to those, which would originate from a drug. Even researchers at the University of Georgia claim that it is possible to alter certain genes of getting on the mood effects.

It is also believed that exercise increases alpha waves in the brain. This has a similar effect to that of a tranquilizer. In addition, there appears to be a close link between physical activity and the self-esteem. The enhancement of themselves tends to increase if you follow a regular exercise program.

A sedentary lifestyle, however, has the opposite effect. The more a person remains passive from the physical point of view, the greater its tendency to experience episodes of anxiety and depression.

The effect of physical activity you feel almost immediately, but the significant change appears if you practice on a regular basis. Spend fifteen or twenty minutes a day exercise can increase the feeling of being much more than you can imagine. What are you waiting?

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