Active Living Communities Curtail Medical Costs

Many seniors face serious health problem as they age. These problems can both cause discomfort and high insurance premiums to people that have difficulty affording them. Fortunately, it is possible to make lifestyle changes that can address them. New research has shown that joining an active living community is one of the best ways to reduce medical costs.

Research on Active Living

Epidemiologists have only recently started studying the impacts of active living communities. Their research currently shows that joining an active living community provides a number of health benefits for people of all ages. According to a study published by the National Institutes of Health, active living communities are especially beneficial for seniors that are still mobile.

Dr. Risa Lavizzo-Mourey, co-author of the study, states that even the most seemingly inconsequential elements of active living communities have substantial benefits for people of all ages. Lavizzo-Mourey said that some communities have stopped building sidewalks, which has had an adverse impact on health of people of all ages.

The study shows that communities should focus on encouraging people to lead more active lifestyles. The authors have made a number of recommendations that communities throughout the country should consider. Many active living communities have already embraced similar suggestions. They are working with the Active Living Network, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and Active Living by Design to improve the benefits to their members.

How Active Living Facilities are Helping Seniors

All citizens benefit from living more active lifestyles, but the importance is especially high with seniors. They are at the highest risk of developing heart disease, diabetes, arthritis and other serious health problems. Many active living facilities have started offering new services to benefit them. Here are some things that they may benefit from:

  • Aquatics training
  • Yoga
  • Groups activities involving hiking, brisk walking and other activities
  • Wellness education

A number of communities offer these services to citizens of all ages. However, some active living communities focus on serving seniors and tailor their programs to them. They offer a variety of different programs to accommodate citizens based on their health. The programs can be modified both to accommodate their disabilities and offer the rehabilitation services seniors need to overcome them.

Seniors and adults with aging family members should be aware of the options available to them. They should try to find an active living community that offers these options. Speak with the active living communities in your area and find out what services they provide.

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