Advantages of Electronic Cigarettes When Compared With Regular Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes are a fairly new concept and for anyone to consider it, the pros and cons must be assessed. Many of the current tobacco smokers are considering the switch to XO electronic cigarettes as they are considered to be a cleaner form of smoking. Some of the benefits of electronic cigarettes over regular cigarettes are mentioned below. The below conclusion was made based on several studies and customer feedbacks from people who have already made the switch.

  • Electronic CigarettesE-cigarettes do not smell of smoke:

Tobacco cigarettes are known for their distinctive smell or rather odour. The scent of smoke clings to anything and everything that it touches, like clothes, hair, and etcetera. Many people find this smell disturbing and offensive to the extent that they may avoid being anywhere close to the smoker. It also causes bad breath, which does not help.

This smell is usually caused due the burning tar and tobacco. As electronic cigarettes, do not actually burn there is no odour released. All you do is inhale and exhale a vapour that will evaporate immediately. Some people would describe the smell of the vapour as non-existent.

  • E-cigarettes are considered to be safer:

The very flame used to light a traditional cigarette poses fire hazards and is unsafe as it is an open flame. Almost 10% of the fire associated deaths worldwide have been started by lit cigarettes. As you never actually light an e-cigarette, there is no danger due to this factor. Especially when used as directed, there are no reported accidents caused due to e-cigarettes.

  • E-cigarettes save you a lot of money:

Cigarette prices are increasing by the day. If you smoke good quality pack of cigarettes it can seriously burn a hole in your pocket. These increased costs are a result of a rise in cost of production or distribution. Not only this, you are also spending for lighters, lighter fuel and ash trays. These are comparatively lower expenses when compared to the cost of cigarettes.

XO electronic cigarettes solve this problem by cutting your expenses drastically. While the entry kit for some of these devices can be a bit higher, the month-to-month costing is much lesser.

  • Heath concerns:

While it has not yet been proved that electronic cigarettes are completely safe, it is a well-known fact how harmful tobacco cigarettes are to heath. They are considered to make you more susceptible to conditions like stroke, lung cancer, heart attack, osteoporosis, throat cancer and many more. They also contain carcinogenic components that are extremely harmful. Several people said they felt much better and lighter physically after switching to e-cigarettes.

  • Social Impact:

Over the past few years, smoking is being viewed negatively by almost everyone for whatever reasons. There are so many rules around where you can smoke and not due to the fear of second hand smoke. The bad breath caused due to traditional smoking is also not pleasant and non-smokers tend to stay away from people who smoke, probably due to bad odour. This problem can resolved by the use of electronic cigarettes

E-cigarette is a great product for people looking for alternatives for traditional smoking. You can relax and enjoy the nicotine you crave for, minus the ill-effects of smoking tobacco cigarettes.

Author Bio:

Henry is a well-read scholar on conventional and modern products and their impacts. He advises XO electronic cigarettes starter kit for people looking for alternative or modern methods of smoking.

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