Advantages of Smoking e-cig

Electronic cigarettes are rapidly replacing the traditional cigarettes because of good amount of ease they provide; nowadays this is the first preference for most of the smokers. Manufacturers have designed it to give you the same look and feel of traditional cigarettes, these electronics counterparts have fascinated and being employed by hundreds of smokers every day. Here are few points to prove that electronic cigarettes are far better than traditional cigarettes in many aspects.

Variety of Flavors are Available

When e-cigs entered our society to replace the existing traditional cigarettes, nobody has ever thought that one day you will have the option even to select the flavor of your choice. Three years back the first flavor was released to attract more customers. Over the period of time manufacturers have introduced many new flavors as per the user’s taste. There is no tobacco but liquid nicotine is filled in it to give you the same pleasure as tobacco. This nicotine is blended with different flavors to give the smokers a different feeling.

Good Smoke Volume

Smoking e-cig

Industry experts opine that consumers should buy the atomizer, which produces highest vapor or smoke volumes. It provides the wonderful feeling when the vapors are inhaled like a normal cigarette. The vapors must be seen and experienced to understand how impressive they can be. The difference in smoke can clearly be seen in videos if you are searching for the electronic cigarettes online, you can also compare a few electronic cigarettes and read E-Cig Twigg reviews before purchasing.


This can be the big reason why people love electronic cigarettes. They produce no smoking odors at all. Those days are gone when the smell of tobacco filled the place where you smoked. You can now smoke in your car, room or home leaving your environment and clothing smelling fresh.

 Ash and Butts

With e-cigarettes you don’t have to worry about these messy and annoying byproducts, which was a common practice with traditional cigarettes. You cannot find the place to throw the ash and butts every time you smoke.

Moreover they are not expensive and easily available. State law also allows you to smoke freely in public areas as they don’t emit toxins, which are harmful to humans. This e-cigs don’t make people come in the category of passive smokers. Passive smokers are those people who don’t smoke at all but they are friends or relatives to the people who smoke and by smoking e-cigs you don’t create any harm to their loved ones.

Another important point is to remember that you should not purchase any electronic cigarette, this industry has some specified norms and you must be aware of those norms. As a result of open market, there are a lot of Chinese products are available. Just because of their cheap rates they are selling like hot cakes. People who are not aware about the cheap quality material, they are purchasing, these Chinese cigarettes comes in market as imitations to the original e-cigs.

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