After veganism? The plant based diet with vegetables and integrals

More and more often we hear about vegan food. While a little less frequent is the term plant-based diet which, however, is becoming increasingly popular online, especially on social media like Instagram or Facebook.

What is the plant based diet?After veganism? The plant based diet with vegetables and integrals

Exactly as the word itself says. It is a diet based on feeding on plant foods. Such as fruits, vegetables, legumes, cereals, nuts, and seeds. This diet, therefore, excludes all products of animal origin, such as meat, fish, cheese, etc.

A doubt, therefore, arises spontaneously: what is the difference between the plant-based diet and the vegan diet? Also, this last one refrains from consuming products of animal origin, preferring those of vegetable origin. Well, although these two terms may seem very similar to each other, in reality. They belong to two very different basic principles.

What are the differences between a vegan diet and the plant based diet?

Veganism – or veganism – is an animalist movement that proposes the adoption of a lifestyle of a society based ideally on resources not originating from the animal world. The people who make this choice are called vegan -or vegan-. And theirs is not a simple food choice, but a real lifestyle. Based on the total rejection of all forms of animal exploitation.

However, if vegans are free to eat industrially processed products. Such as biscuits, salty snacks or prepackaged vegetable ice cream. The followers of the plant based diet do not, since although they do not start from ethical issues, they base their diet on natural and raw products or , better to say, healthy.

Vegan vs “plant based”

Schematically speaking, a vegan is motivated by ethical factors, does not consume products of animal origin, is totally contrary to animal exploitation (circus, zoo, hunting, etc.), is contrary to animal tests, does not wear leathers, furs, etc. and could consume even unhealthy products, provided they are vegan.

The follower of a plant based diet , on the other hand, does not consume products of animal origin, but not even industrial, processed or refined ones, because it feeds only on raw and whole vegetable products. Furthermore, the “plant based” may or may not be against animal exploitation, it may or may not support animal tests and may or may not wear skins and furs. In short, in these last cases, the conditional is a must!

The benefits

What are the benefits of this diet compared to a vegan? According to the nutritionist Vittoria Giannini, “often, in the food industry. We use fats that serve to make the products about solid and easily workable; in addition, simple sugars such as sucrose, glucose or fructose syrup, and sodium may be added to industrial foods such as rusks and tomato sauce.


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