An alternative to laser hair removers!

The laser is undoubtedly the ideal method for permanent hair removal but occasionally may be unsuitable for your skin type and is not recommended during the summer as the tanning prevents optimal results. We show some alternatives to laser and when and how you should prepare the skin for a good waxing.

BeautyThe waxing is fashionable, not only among women but increasingly among men. The laser hair removal treatments are now securing us a durability although they are not always recommended and are available to suit all budgets. But if we make the most of the hair removal both laser or not, we must take into account some tips on how to prepare the skin before waxing . It is recommended that we use a gel with neutral pH and a mitt to massage at least twice a week, the area to be waxed. This will set exfoliate skin. If to this we accompany frequent hot showers allow the pores to open and then waxing easier and less painful.

The laser hair removal and hair removal permit destroy the hair root in several sessions using light strokes. But it has two drawbacks. It will not work in people with dark skin or blond hair and the price is high. In summer we can not sunbathe until two days after treatment as they may arise reddening of the skin and itching. But there are alternatives, one of which is the electric razor, which has been refined to be able to eliminate the shortest hairs and make more permanent hair removal method although it is a somewhat painful.

The blade also allow us a close shave but will not last long. In addition it is painful and is necessary to hydrate before and after skin with products such as aloe vera. The depilatory cream is quick and painless and leaves the skin soft, but does not remove the hair root but just short. A recurring method is wax , both hot and cold that removes hair at the root but is very painful. It is also contraindicated for people with skin disorders such as redness, burned skin, acne or varicose veins. It is not advisable during menstruation because the skin is more sensitive at the time. The wax should be applied in the direction of hair growth and remove the other way and we should avoid the sun for 24 hours.

In any case after waxing is advisable cold shower and even the application of ice to close pores and soothe skin irritation. We also moisturize with shea butter, almond oil or moisturizers. With these alternatives there is no excuse for thorough hair removal on any area of the body.

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