Anti-Aging: Benefits of Exercise

Anti-aging regimens for men and women include diet, supplements and creams. Sadly, very few people give importance to exercise as a way to keep one’s self healthy, as well as include exercise as an anti-age practice. Exercise is one of the best ways to shed excess fat, keep the extra weight off and slow down the process of aging that naturally occurs in the human body.

Anti-age benefits of exercise include cell oxidation and muscle tone increase. As the body gets older, cells that make up the skin, bones and organs start to deteriorate. With exercise, these cells are rejuvenated with oxygen by increased blood flow to these cells, which keeps them healthy and maximize the cell’s lifespan. Muscle tone also deteriorates when the body ages, making parts of the body lax and infirm. The best way to keep the muscles toned and healthy is by exercise. Maintaining muscle mass and tone is something that no supplement or diet can do for the body.

Exercise also relieves stress. Exercise, especially cardio work outs, increase the release of endorphins in the body. Endorphins are the hormones that make you feel happy and good, making you forget about stress that you might have acquired from work or family matters. Long term stress can promote cell death, since your body is consuming a lot more than it does when you are not stressed and cells are spent a lot faster than they should be. Exercise not only relieves you of stress, it also keeps you happy and puts you in a good mood for interacting with other people and dealing with problems that you cannot avoid.

Controlling weight gain by exercising is also an anti-age benefit. Weight gain from bad cholesterol and trans fats from the food we eat can contribute to heart disease and circulation problems. When the body has circulation problems, it has a hard time getting blood and oxygen to all the cells, causing the cells to deteriorate and die a lot easier. In addition, weight gain itself promotes bad circulation, which can make your skin look waxen and old. Exercising promotes blood circulation that gets the blood to all the cells that need the oxygen and nutrition present in blood.

Exercise can also promote a healthy diet. Studies show that exercising for some individuals makes them crave more healthy food. You get to load up on fiber that cleanses your body, making you feel and look younger, while getting all the benefits from a healthy diet. Make sure you eat your vegetables, whole grain and fiber to help your body clean out toxins and promote circulation.

Exercise is one of the best anti-age practices that you can apply. For people who are only starting, a 30-minute walk in the park or a quick jog around a couple of blocks can go a long way when it comes to your health and anti-age efforts. Include exercise in your anti-aging regimen today and you will get closer to a healthier, younger looking you.

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