Avoid the Risk of a Relapse After Drug Rehab

Drug addiction is a surprisingly common problem. The National Survey on Drug Use and Health found that 23.5 million people received treatment for an illicit drug addiction in 2009, which is nearly 10% of the population of people over the age of 12. Fortunately, many people are able to turn their lives around after attending rehab. However, they will need to have an active treatment plan to keep themselves from having a relapse.

How Do You Avoid a Relapse?

Some pessimists argue that drug rehab is ineffective since a number of people relapse. However, they often fail to acknowledge the vast number of people that fully recover from their addiction. One study from the Center for Healthcare Evaluation found that more educated individuals were more likely to make a full recovery. This research suggests that people that can formulate their own treatment strategy will be more successful.

The truth is that while rehab is a great way for people to get on the right track, people still need to take initiative to ensure a long-term recovery. Here are some things you should do after attending a drug rehab facility such as Colorado Springs.

Communicate Feelings

One of the biggest reasons that people relapse is that they face emotional problems that tempt them to self-medicate. You will need to communicate any emotional issues that you are facing. Make sure that you have friends and family members that can provide a reliable support network. You should also work with a therapist to deal with problems that may arise.

Find Pleasures to Replace Substances

Many people resort to substances for recreation and to connect with like-minded people. These people are more likely to suffer a relapse if they start to feel bored or socially isolated. You will need to find other hobbies and find other ways of making friends to eliminate this temptation.

Recognize and Avoid Temptations

Every addict has their own triggers that need to be avoided. Friends and family members with addictions can be the worst influences. You will need to avoid these people until they have made a recovery. This can be difficult if they are particularly close with, but it is still important. Make sure that you communicate your reasoning in a tactful way and let them know that you don’t want to break all ties. However, you need to be firm about your intent to be clean and avoid people that may cause them to suffer a relapse.

You also need to avoid activities that may encourage relapses. Drug users often suffer relapses after drinking, so you should avoid going to bars or other venues with a lot of alcohol.

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