Home face masks with activated charcoal for the face: Effective cleansing of the skin and elimination of black spots

To get rid of black spots, use activated face charcoal as a part of masks: it effectively cleanses the skin and normalizes the work of the sebaceous glands. It will not just be a cosmetic action, but a real treatment for problem skin. Learn how to cook such masks at home.

Home face masks with activated charcoal for the face

Many people know about cleansing properties of activated charcoal: it saves the body from intoxication, possessing high activity as a medicinal preparation and absorbing poisonous substances in a short time. At the same time, its main advantage is its safety and naturalness, as it is produced by burning certain types of wood: birch, oak, pine, spruce, poplar, etc. The breadth of its application knows no bounds: dietology, treatment of stomach diseases, water filtration and t etc. And not only in the medicine cabinet should these unique black tablets be: it’s time to migrate to the beautician of those who is looking for effective ways to clean their face and in parallel – natural means for skin care. Learn how to use activated charcoal for the face – and many problems associated with the skin will gradually go away, as this drug has a complex, most beneficial effect on it. Keep reading¬†http://www.dakskincare.com/young-beautiful-imperceptibly-age-skin/

This is because coal from the inside will take away various harmful substances, normalize the work of the stomach and thereby improve the state of the skin, which is a kind of litmus test of everything that happens in the body. Despite the naturalness and almost complete safety of the use of activated charcoal for cosmetic purposes, there are still some contraindications and contraindications for the face cleaning procedure, which must be adhered to.

Activated charcoal for the face: Indications and contraindications

Do not forget that even with external use, activated charcoal for dark spots remains a drug that has indications and contraindications that must be taken into account.

Indications are the following:

  • Presence of inflammatory foci: acne and acne;
  • Long-held procedure for cleaning the face and, as a consequence, pore soreness;
  • Oily skin type;
  • Unhealthy complexion;
  • Black dots;
  • Withering, wrinkled skin.

Contraindications less, but they still are:

  • Individual intolerance;
  • Ulcerative, purulent skin lesions;
  • Open injuries, wounds, recently applied seams;
  • Any bleeding on the face;
  • Categorically it is impossible to squeeze out a pimple or a black stopper first, and then to put a coal clearing mask.

It should be noted that activated charcoal cannot act selectively, so it absorbs from the skin not only harmful but also useful substances.

So it is always recommended to mix the tablets with other ingredients in the mask so that they somehow make up for the cells in those cells that take the coal with them. There are many recipes for masks: try and enjoy the result.

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