Benefits and properties of the famous tila tea

The tila is a tea that is made with the fruit of the linden plant, that plant is used in infinity of home remedies and natural medicine. You can easily find it anywhere you sell herbs and natural remedies. Why is this remedy so famous? Because it actually cures many different diseases and helps to improve our health. In what way does he do it? Let’s look at a list of some of its properties:

 tila tea

# 1 Removes stress and helps you relax

Perhaps the most well-known property of tila tea, although it is not the only one it has. By taking a cup of this remedy you can relax and remove stress and anxiety. That is why many people take it before bed or just after going through a stressful situation.

# 2 Eliminate Colic

Tila tea is one of the most effective home remedies for relieving menstrual cramps. With two cups of tea after the meal, you can forget the annoying and painful cramps. In addition, this tea will also help you regulate your menstrual cycle.

# 3 Relieves flu and cough

The expectorant and sweating effects of this plant are your ideal allies against flu and cough. Drinking two cups of tea each day, along with the doctor’s recommended medication, will help you heal much faster. In addition, as already mentioned, the relaxing effects of this plant make you sleep well despite being sick.

# 4 Reduces excessive sweating

Although the tila has sweating effects, it can also help you to reduce hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating, even if it seems contradictory. That is because this flower also contains many flavonoids, which will help to regulate the sweat in case it is excessive.

 tila tea

# 5 Remove the rums

You can reduce the rheumatism thanks to the anti-inflammatory properties of the tila. For this, you only have to consume one cup of this tea on an empty stomach, and another 20 minutes after eating and dinner. In a few days you will see how the rums will reduce day by day.

# 6 Eliminates uric acid

Too high uric acid is often related to gout disease. Fortunately, you can reduce it by taking two cups of tea each day, 20 minutes after eating and dinner. This can be used as a supplement to your traditional medicine and a diet less rich in uric acid to see a better effect.

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# 7 Improves the immune system

By taking three cups of tila tea a day, along with the juice of one lemon in each cup, you will be improving your immune system. This way you will avoid getting sick so often and your body will have better defenses. The vitamin C contained in lemon and lime leaves will help you in these cold times.

 tila tea

# 8 Prevents your body fluid retention

The diuretic properties of this plant allow you to stimulate the elimination of fluids in the body. A large amount of fluid accumulated in your body can cause a malfunction in the heart or lungs.

# 9 Removes headaches

The relaxing properties of the tila, which help you reduce stress, will also help you eliminate the headache. The only thing you have to do is consume a cup when you have a pain and you will see how it happens to you fast. It is also very good as an aid in the treatment of migraine.

 tila tea

# 10 Reduces Muscle Aches

The tila has anti-inflammatory properties that will help reduce muscle soreness and swelling. It only takes about 2 or 3 cups the days in which you feel some type of pain to be able to eliminate it.

The tila is an important complement in your day to day to improve your health. However, as with everything, there are certain things that you have to keep in mind before you begin to ingest this remedy. For example, if you are pregnant or are breastfeeding, it is recommended to go to a doctor before drinking tea so he can tell you how much you can do. It is also not recommended to take it if you suffer from heart disease, as it may make the situation worse. Also, you should not drink more than 3 cups of tea, regardless of whether you are sick or not, to avoid problems with your excessive intake.

Natural remedies are very potent and useful, which is why traditional medicine often uses its extracts to create pills and tablets. You can enjoy its benefits at a low cost and always close to your home.


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