Benefits include in your diet a cup of coffee and tea

Since both have benefits for the body, choose the one that suits your tastes and needs

What is better? A cup of coffee a day or a cup of tea? Sure you will have made ​​yourself this question at some point, eDietspecially in the morning or at noon. FYI you say that, according to a recent study published by the British Heart Foundation, in a day come to take in the world about two million cups of coffee, while, in turn, consume twice teacups.

We could say that “almost” is a matter of culture. Thus, while in the United States and parts of Europe never fails that cup of morning coffee, in England and in many eastern countries are more inclined to good tea. However, we must also consider the curious case of the Netherlands, for whom it is common to mix coffee and black tea with a little milk.

Now the question before all this data would be: What then is more beneficial? Does tea or coffee? We explain it below.

Coffee or tea: What is better for our health?

According to the study cited above, today tea consumption is the highest and continues to increase year after year, leaving the choice of coffee. Does this mean that coffee is not good for our health? At all. The reality is simple: both drinks are adequate and very beneficial for our body. However, the key is balance and moderation in consumption.

Let’s now a quick and illustrative comparative responsive us the most important questions:

  • Fighting Type 2 Diabetes : just coffee.
  • It helps prevent osteoporosis : both.
  • It helps fight allergies : tea.
  • Remove the appetite : just coffee.
  • It promotes weight loss by speeding up the metabolism : both, but in the case of coffee is better “green coffee”.
  • It helps to slow the aging : both.
  • It increases cholesterol : as i consume too much coffee itself, tea ever.
  • Decreases risk of diabetes : just coffee.
  • It helps prevent or reduce inflammation arthritis: only tea.
  • Reduces the risk of Parkinson just coffee.
  • Reduces the risk of Alzheimer : just coffee.
  • It contains antioxidants : both, but in as much tea (especially white tea).
  • It helps prevent cancer: both.

In conclusion, as you pointed out earlier, both drinks are healthy and shown to include every day in our diet. Generally, the biggest problem is usually associated both the coffee and the tea is that it can raise our blood pressure, given its composition based on caffeine or protein.

You say that according to a recent study Kangbuk Samsung Hospital in Seoul (South Korea), the daily consumption of two cups of coffee a day and tea help us reduce the risk of clogged arteries and thus, the chances of having a heart attack. The reason? These drinks, consumed in moderation, helps us reduce calcification of the arteries.

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