Benefits of soy diet

Soy is present as one of the great allies of our health, you know? Beyond offering vegetable proteins and fats for healthier quality than animals, soybeans and soy products can help you lose weight.

DietIn the following lines, in order to show how healthy soy can be for our own bodies, we present some of the explanations released by Dr. Javier Haya, President of the Society of Gynecology Phytotherapeutic, Head of Gynecology and Obstetrics General Hospital of Ciudad Real and a connoisseur of the benefits that have certain plant components to health, including soy is.

As stated by the doctor, Slimming soybeans for two main reasons:

– The effect of the protein, which is satiating. This effect is common to all proteins (for example, at equal weight, which satisfies the most meat pan). Thanks to this is achieved it easier to control the amount of food we eat.

-The Activation of some receptors name somewhat complicated, “peroxisome proliferator-activated receptors” or simply PPARs, directly involved in the metabolism of carbohydrates and fats. Your encouragement, clear, induces adipocyte brown fat to burn fatty acids (stored fat) to produce heat. Are soy isoflavones, a type of phytoestrogen, molecules that have the ability to interact with these receptors and activate them. Thus it is achieved that use more energy our body.

The expert makes clear that, for this effect is appreciable is necessary to consume soy regularly. Taking a soy product occasionally has no effect. Its expansion in all corners of Europe has allowed us to find soy drink almost any grocery store in any location, even in smaller and remote. In practice, more than 90% soy consumption is performed through the soy beverage prepared from seeds.

Taking as reference the soy beverage is considered that taking two daily glasses (200 ml) of soymilk perfectly meets the needs of this food, and would bring isoflavones in optimal amounts and number of plant proteins high quality that can help balance the animal protein in the diet. The latter points, is also very important, since the recommendations are that a balance of 50% in the protein content of animal and vegetable origin is reached.

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