Benefits of Spinal Decompression Therapy

Whether you have been in a sports related injury or some kind of accident, there is a good chance that your back took a brunt of the impact. Our backs are unique because they are essential to our advanced biomechanics Рwe are the only animals that can stand fully upright. Because of this, our spines had to develop in a way so as to reduce the pressure of our top-weight bearing down on our bottom-weight. This is where our spine comes in, which is made up of vertebrae separated by ligaments and fluid. If you injure your back, any part of your spine could be damaged, which can be incredibly painful and require expensive surgery. But this is where spinal decompression therapy comes in Рit is low cost and it may save you from surgery. Here are some benefits of spinal decompression therapy.

One of the biggest benefits of spinal decompression therapy is that it is vastly more cost effective than surgical treatment. Surgery costs tens of thousands of dollars and it could wind up putting you in debt. Decompression therapy, on the other hand, is divided among multiple sessions at a specialized chiropractic center, like¬†Select Spine and Sports Medicine, so it is incredibly manageable. Plus, you won’t have to make constant trips to a hospital, which can be inconvenient and time consuming.

Another really big benefit of spinal decompression therapy is that it can prevent surgery. Because some back disorders are chronic, you could eventually need surgery to repair the discs in your back. However, if you stick to regular decompression therapy, you can prevent having invasive surgery in the future. This can be great for people who may be afraid of surgery or who don’t like the idea of being under for so long. Not only that, but some spinal surgeries can be dangerous – with a lot of different side effects.

Next, spinal decompression therapy has a very short recovery time. Unlike surgery, spinal decompression can be completely recovered from in only a few hours. Because the entire procedure is not invasive, all you may need to do is rest for a few hours afterwards. With a surgery, you are required to be in the hospital for multiple days – sometimes weeks. Plus, after the surgery, you are restricted from doing many activities – sometimes for up to a year. Even after that, you have to be extremely careful.

Lastly – as you can see – the benefits of spinal decompression therapy far outweigh the benefits of other treatment options. The spine is a delicate part of the human body and it is responsible for multiple functions, so if you have an injury, you may want to think about undergoing this type of procedure to relieve the pain and discomfort. Not only is spinal decompression therapy not invasive, it also takes a much shorter time to recover from and it is much more affordable. You may even want to check with your insurance company to see if you can get your procedure totally or partially covered. After a few decompression sessions, you will feel a miraculous difference.

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