Benefits of sports massage

The benefits of sports massage are many and varied as it is a technique that amplifies athletic performance and overall benefits the entire body.

Depending on the time that applicable act creating a calming or stimulating effect very beneficial to the athlete will be able to recover from your sports activity or injury in a shorter time and help prevent sports injuries.

FitnessIt has been found that the Sports Massage creates a very positive reaction on the body and promotes the normalizing aspects of self-regulation processes, strengthening mechanisms, natural defense and significantly reduce the chances of pharmacopeia.

A brief history of sports massage

We have seen that sports massage was known since ancient times and was part of the system of physical education and sport for many peoples of the world.

Russian athletes, long before Americans began to systematically use sports massage, particularly during meetings and sporting events.

Currently, massage is widely included in the training process and the great movement base PE.

What is a Sports Massage?

It is a set of manual techniques performed before, during and after sporting activity for preventive and / or therapeutic purposes. It involves some associated techniques: stretching, cyriax, tapping, cryotherapy … among others.

Sports massage therapy differs from that confined within the sport, both at training and competition (prior, during and after it).

The main objective is to prepare the athlete, so you can perform intense physical activity, avoid muscle spasms or other sports injuries, and to eliminate toxins and relax after sports.

Benefits of Sports Massage

There are multiple benefits of sports massage that generates this set of techniques on our body. Listed below are some more significant for the type of treatment you are defining.

Highlights in particular:

  • About the Muscular System: Generates a stimulating effect and increases muscle contractile. Relieving, facilitates relaxation and Elastifying tissue.
  • On the nervous system: soothing and analgesic action by reflex actions that affect the central nervous or release of endorphins that override pain sensations in the brain system.
  • On the circulatory system: Increased blood flow: results in the enrichment of oxygen and blood return nutrias.Favored substances when applied in centripetal direction: increasing the action of the lymphatic flow favoring the exit of toxic materials waste and strange of a possible injured area

What and how should be an Athletic Trainer?

A professional responsible for monitoring the physical integrity of athletes before, during and after training or competition, and in the various phases of sports injuries, acting jointly with the doctor, physiotherapist, trainer, psychologist and obviously with coach.

What tools do you use to retrieve sports injuries?

The sports chiropractor has multiple ways to retrieve the injured athlete, from his own manual skill to advanced knowledge.

We will discuss some of the ways most used today:

  • Before the injury occur:
  • Muscular and bio-mechanical examination.
  • Sports Nutrition.
  • Muscle strengthening.
  • Correction sporting gestures.

During sports injury:

  • Rice decrease: (rest, ice, compression, elevation).
  • Swelling and pain (tens, ultrasound …).
  • Proprioceptive reeducation.
  • Muscle strengthening.

After a sports injury:

  • Strengthening muscle injured area.
  • Mobilizations download.
  • Workout.
  • Control competition.

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