Brazilian hair removal: theory and personal experience

Let us begin with a clear definition of “bikini area” and “deep bikini.” Bikini area or bikini line is called an area that extends beyond the heats bikini. Deep bikini (or as it is called X-bikini), this area is labia major and the pubic area as well as the buttocks. Thus, it is deep bikini (removal of all hair from the zones) and has been called “Brazilian hair removal.” 

Now we describe the process:

Brazilian hair removal is performed using hot wax, which is applied to the buttocks and the external genitalia. Keep in mind that hair removal on the buttocks as the default relates to the field of “deep bikini.” Recommended hair length for epilation – 7.5 mm (if the hair is too short or long the pain will intensify).

Inside: after you sitting comfortably on the table, beautician gets you a special gel (decontamination) and the process went. Start with the bikini line (you already know what it is 😉 – Suitable for you wax temperature is applied to a small section of hair, and then wax is applied to a strip of cloth smoothing movements. Wax hardens. And up! Very fast motion, the Wizard removes hairs hated and immediately processed place firmly presses his fingers – for painful effect. Say that it does not hurt – it means to lie. Yet! Hurts will literally 3-5 seconds from the moment of removal wax strip. This occurs first on the one hand, beautician then proceeds to the other side. Next, the same procedure is the removal of hair from the area of the labia and buttocks.

Once the bulk of the hair is removed – the process of correction. At this pain end – there were already individual hairs removal process can be represented as if simply remove the patch – does not hurt. Some individual hairs in the area of the labia master can remove with tweezers. After the procedure applied to the skin use soothing powder or cooling gel. That’s all! Your skin is velvety smooth and delicate.

Certainly in the early days of redness on the skin will be – a minor point in place of hair growth – by using special ointments (or even without them) – all disappear without a trace.

And now a few tips:

– Home hair removal before a session in the shower to be sure to use a gentle scrub in the intimate zone – this helps remove dead skin cells and prevent ingrown hairs after epilation. Next time, use the belongings in 3 days after the procedure. What is the ingrown hair – see photo.

– Session cosmetologist assign to the evening – so you can avoid skin irritation from rubbing against clothes. After the procedure, is best to wear loose-fitting clothing made of natural fabrics. Never apply wax on damaged skin.

– To eliminate the redness, use calendula ointment (available in pharmacies); eliminate irritation – antiseptic cream in order to avoid severe pain – to epilate in the first week of the menstrual cycle.

– To avoid ingrown hairs: rub the body while taking a shower hard sponge, use a scrub and in any case do not squeeze or pick out the hairs if they are still there – just scrub, and even better to use special means against ingrowths periodically after epilation.

Advantages and disadvantages of waxing over other types:

– Long-term effect (of course depends on the characteristics of an organism) – an average smoothness saved from 3 weeks to 1.5 months.

– After a similar hair removal hair grow weak and thin and eventually stop growing at all (again depends on the individual)

– Wax suitable for almost everyone, unlike laser hair removal – laser hair removal in the case of girls with fair skin and blond hair can end either burn the skin or lack of results – laser “sees blond hair” – and of course there are all individually.

– Waxing the most accessible and widespread. Also bikini any area you can pro epilate home independently. In the case of epilation bikini – strongly encouraged to contact professionals to avoid problems.

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I wish you painless sessions!

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