Breakfasts that help you lose weight

Breakfasts that help you lose weight. Choose your breakfasts well to fill your energy without adding unnecessary calories. And help eliminate that extra couple of kilos. According to the statistics, breakfast is one of the worst meals we make. Because we still choose foods of poor nutritional quality such as industrial pastries, packaged juices. And sweetened cereals.

Breakfast is one of the main meals of the day. And to be healthy, according to the team of nutritionists of Nutreconciencia, Ana Lorenzo.¬† MIguel Lopez “should be made up of foods that encompass all macronutrients (proteins, fats, and carbohydrates ), that it satiates us throughout the morning. And that it provides us with enough energy so as not to have to resort to poor quality food (cookies, soft drinks …) “.

Whole fruits, whole grains and good quality protein such as eggs, cheese, milk, nuts. Or legumes are the foods that should be present in our breakfast. Both experts propose a series of healthy, satisfying. And full of energy breakfasts that help us not to accumulate unnecessary kilos. And to get rid of those that may be left over.


Lorenzo says that “oatmeal is a cereal that contains a large amount of fiber. And its consumption is associated with having a lower body weight. It also regulates the intestinal transit to thus feel less abdominal swelling. On the other hand, cottage cheese provides 4 times more protein than milk, besides being of high biological value. And with an important capacity for satiety. “Finally, we recommend a piece of fruit to provide water, vitamins, and minerals.

‘PORRIDGE’ OF AVENA AND ESPELTABreakfasts that help you lose weight

Yes, there are healthy options to incorporate cereals to breakfast. “Although most breakfast cereals are full of free sugars,” says Miguel Lopez, ” we can find healthy options like oatmeal or inflated cereals, as in the case of this breakfast with spelled.” But he warns us that “it is necessary to read the list of ingredients of the products to know if a product contains added sugars or not. In herbalists and in some food stores we can find products like these, whose only ingredient is cereal. ”

As in the previous case, the fiber that contributes will make our stay satiated. And when mixed with milk will provide us with proteins and fats that will lengthen our feeling of fullness to avoid picking between meals. “In addition, adding cinnamon (Ceylan variety) provides flavor, as well as health benefits since it improves insulin sensitivity and allows better glucose control.”

INTEGRAL TOAST WITH AVOCADOBreakfasts that help you lose weight

Bread is the food that contributes the most calories to our diet “because it is consumed in a refined way. That is to say, they have removed that husk that covers the wheat. And that has so many vitamins, minerals, protein. And fiber compared to the non-integral version, “Ana Lorenzo says. He recommends us to choose an integral bread. And of sourdough to activate those mechanisms of satiety “. And if on top we add another food to him like the avocado, better”.

Avocado contains a higher percentage of fat compared to other fruits. But this is not a pretext for not consuming it. Its content in unsaturated fatty acids makes it very attractive both for the antioxidant vitamins it provides. And the heart-healthy properties it has. They also remind us of the importance of slowly chewing these foods. “Chewing is an act that we perform and to which we give little importance. In doing so, we activate our satiety sensors to stop eating for a longer time. ”

‘PUDDING’ OF CHIA WITH RED FRUITSBreakfasts that help you lose weight

If there is no lactose intolerance, the experts recommend we prepare pudding with milk. “Milk is included in the group of protein foods. And its nutritional quality cannot be compared with vegetable drinks except soy. You can use both milks (semi-skimmed or whole milk to provide greater satiating power and for the optimal absorption of vitamins that are found exclusively in the fat). And vegetable soya drink to make pudding with seeds and fruit. ”

Chia is a seed and as such contains mostly healthy proteins and fat. When hydrated, it forms a voluminous gel that produces satiety and helps regulate blood sugar (blood sugar) to avoid spikes of energy that will soon decrease to produce a sensation of hunger. As for the choice of fruit, “colors are antioxidants. And red fruits and fruit, in general, are great carriers of these molecules that will make our skin, hair, nails … stay in good condition.”


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