Can you avoid a cold? Yes you can

With fall just around the corner, one of the most important things we have to start this time is to strengthen our immune system to prevent us from getting colds, flu and other illnesses that could easily prevalent at this time.

avoid a cold

Prevention measures against colds:

To prevent colds, you must have to get ready before the symptoms start his process to appear. Most common Colds manifest with general discomfort, sore throat, mucus and nasal obstruction. Sometimes it also gets a serious headache.

  • We have to take hygiene measures as the first step, to begin with, to prevent these infectious diseases. Frequently wash our hand with antiseptic soap or you can use just regular soap to prevent the germ from getting into our body. Leaving our hand unwashed is one of the major sources of infection.
  • To avoid sneezing in your hands you can use a tissue and dispose of it to avoid contagion.
  • Another measure we must have to take is, avoided humid and cold places and we have to avoid abrupt changes in temperature as well.
  • In most of the public places where you often go and the surface for the shopping mall or another place where normally they are closed, it is practically impossible to avoid contact with viruses and bacteria.
  • You must have to remember before taking your hands to your eyes and mouth without washing them first.

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 avoid a cold

Strengthen the immune system:

To maintain our strong defenses against this illness and to have a greater immunity against this kind of infections we must have to maintain a healthy and balanced diet in our daily routine.

  • Consume foods which are rich in nutrients and have necessary vitamins to boost your immune system to keep you fit and active in order to fight against the viruses.
  • You can increase the consumption of foods like garlic and yogurt because garlic can protects our immune system from a large number of infections and on the other side yogurt can produce such healthy bacteria to boost the production of white blood cell.
  • To lead a healthy life we must have to do regular physical exercise as it helps us to keep our defenses strong and active.
  • You can also include in your diet nutritional supplements like propolis or royal jelly, two of the best natural antibiotics that stimulate the defenses against respiratory tract infections, especially for those people who are suffering throat infections.
  • No matter what you must have to avoid the stress. Once we go through a nervous or stressed situation our immune system begins to weaken.
  • You must have to enjoy the necessary hours of sleep as it will make you strong in the critical period to defenses strongly and to maintain strength for a fight back against colds and other illnesses.
  • Another key factor to keep in mind is that we have to avoid smoking and alcohol. Alcohol will weaken the immune system which is vital to protect our body and it will dehydrate our body to promote the onset of infections.
  • Tobacco makes us more likely to get a cold or flu and it also helps to aggravate your symptoms through throat inflammation.

avoid a cold

Be safe:

We have to be very careful in these cold seasons to get rid of this flu and cold thing. By taking some little effort we can reduce the chance of having this virus get infected to our body. I hope you all will stay safe during this winter season.


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