Caring for Your Older Dog

It is inevitable that dogs will age. When they do, they may begin having some of the same problems as humans. Although most people believe that each dog year is equivalent to seven human years, this is not accurate. Dogs age faster during the first two years of life and then slower as they get older, but it depends on the breed. Small breeds generally live longer.

Nutrition is Important

It is just as important for dogs to have the right nutrition as it is for humans to stay healthy. They can also benefit from supplements that provide many advantages. Older dogs may be suffering from arthritis. A genetic disorder, hip dysplasia, sometimes affects larger breeds of dogs. Both can cause pain, inflammation, and problems with mobility. Companies such as EHP Products, Inc. offer cetyl m for dogs to help combat these conditions.

Caring for Your Older Dog

Exercise Helps Dogs Live Longer

Since energy decreases as dogs age, they may not get as much exercise as they did when they were younger. Therefore, they gain weight, and this can aggravate joints as well. It is important for dogs to get exercise each day to help them stay healthy. Ideally a fenced yard will allow them to get out and move around, but taking a walk a couple of times a day is a good way for them to get exercise. Dogs that are overweight do not live as long as dogs that are leaner. Food containing the correct amount of protein will allow them to have the energy they need for exercising and keep muscles in good shape.


Most dogs have their own bed. The type of bed can actually affect how they feel. Older dogs that are having problems with their joints will benefit from heated or memory foam beds that put less stress on pressure points. Humans need a comfortable bed to get their rest. The same can be said for dogs. Usually the older a dog gets, the more time they spend sleeping so providing a comfortable bed for them is important.

Dogs have been friends and companions to humans for thousands of years. No one wants to think about losing a beloved pet that has been a part of the family for a long time. Making certain they receive the best care possible can prolong their life and is one of the greatest ways of returning the loyalty they have shown for many years.

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