What is crude oil?

Before we can use oil for anything useful we need to extract it from the ground. Crude oil is a thick black viscous material that is incredibly sticky and dangerous to the natural world. It can destroy ecosystems and environments. It needs to go through several filtration processes. This refining process can produce a huge range of useful petrochemical products. If there is an issue with a spillage then there are always Spill Kits to make sure that any damage is mitigated quickly and speedily.

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Crude oil is a yellow black colour and is no use to anyone in its raw crude state. Vast refineries are created to distil the oil into substances that we can use. The vast majority of this is centred around petrol or fuel for combustion engines. Barrels and Barrels of oil are created everyday and subsequently consumed by us as well. It’s been predicted that 100 million barrels of oil are used everyday globally. It’s also predicted that if this rate of consumption continues we shall run out of oil in about fifty years time.

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The oil comes from algae and dinosaurs that died millennia ago. They are then covered over with sedimentary rock. This is then subjected to millions of years of heat and pressure. This begins to break down into the nutrient rich substance that is crude oil. The only way to extract this oil is by drilling down into the earth, finding it and pumping it out. Geology and satellite imaging has enabled us to find more and more, for now.

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