Cold Turkey vs. Smoking Cessation – What Works Best?

Once you decide to cut cigarettes out of your life, you have to make a realistic plan that will help you stick with that decision long term. It is one thing to know that your health is negatively affected by smoking and another thing to actually follow through with a plan to eliminate that health risk from your life. It ultimately comes down to the following determination: quitting smoking cold turkey vs a smoking cessation program.

Think Long Term

When deciding between these two options, think about what you can realistically stick with in the long term. Quitting for one week or a month does you no good. You need to quit permanently.

One common misunderstanding is that cravings for cigarettes only last a week or two when you quit cold turkey. Unfortunately, it takes much longer for many people to completely stop craving cigarettes. It takes incredible will power and emotional strength to quit in this manner, and the majority of people end up going back to cigarettes within days of quitting cold turkey.

Consider Your Dependency

If you use cigarettes to calm your nerves in tense situations or to relieve tension and stress, quitting cold turkey is not likely to work long term. You will continue to crave cigarettes in tense situations. You will also experience uncomfortable physical reactions when quitting cold turkey. If you are often in social situations where cigarettes are heavily enjoyed, it is even less likely that you will successfully quit without a lot of support.

Laying off cigarettes can be hardly ever unsafe, and also rarely far more unsafe when compared with carrying on to help smoke cigarettes, nevertheless a new more slowly, calculated flashbacks from smoking usually gives a convenient path to cigarette smoking freedom. Heading wintry turkey is really a time-honored solution to stop smoking. You just stop smoking using a picked time, without acquiring any kind of drugs or even making use of any kind of using tobacco cessation supports. Data suggests that 9 out of every 10 smokers may attempt to quit wintry turkey at some point.

Smoking cessation programs are beneficial because they help you find new outlets for the anxiety, stress and social encounters that you currently depend on cigarettes to handle. They also deliver support and encouragement so that you aren’t struggling through the difficult times alone. In many cases, that support network allows for a more comfortable quitting experience and greater long-term success.

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