Conscious Relaxation

The better and more energy conscious relaxation becomes accumulate because relaxation is the natural way to replenish lost energy.

Conscious relaxation goes beyond feel calm
Conscious relaxation is a technique by which you can control your mind and body to achieve any result you want: from improving your health to enjoy greater prosperity in your life.

HealthThis is achieved not only flowing quietly through life and circumstances around you: combined with visualization exercises, you can get virtually everything you propose.

Mind over Matter
We begin by noting that the mind controls all body functions. Although we are not aware of it, the brain works as a perfect computer: you regulate not only the necessary functions by which we stay alive, like breathing or metabolism, but also receives our “orders” and executed.

So, when we pronounced periods of stress, the brain reacts and gives our bodies needed to withstand the pressure to which we are subjected orders. It is then usually it somatizar diseases that can range from a simple cold to ulcers, heart attacks or strokes.

What happens when we relax?
The secret lies in our relaxation brainwave pattern. Right now, the neurons in your brain (thirty million) are operating at 21 pulses per second. So for that we should be aware, awake and alert to the environment. This state is called Beta, or Beta waves.

When we sleep, the brain down the pace at the rate of 14-7 beats per second. This state is called Alpha, or Alpha waves. From there, according to the depth of our dream, we can enter Theta states (of 7-4 beats) the last state of the scale is the Delta (from 4-1 beats) This last state is elusive. It usually occurs when people fall into a coma, and virtually no one knows what is happening in the brain.

Upon entering the Alpha state, the whole body relaxes. Here is the wonder of conscious relaxation: using their techniques, can consciously lower the alpha state without falling asleep, and the body receives all the benefits of sleep. It should be noted that many people fail to relax during sleep, despite being in an Alpha state: during sleep may suffer nightmares, which accelerate the heart rate and adrenaline secretion, or bruxism problems or muscle twitching.

Thus, conscious relaxation allows us to rest and repair the body and mind more than when we are asleep.

Benefits of conscious relaxation
Mentally, relaxation conscious has many benefits:

  • Not only clears us, but allows us to think more clearly and in a more creative way to relax since both hemispheres of the brain are activated.
  • It generates a sense of peace and tranquility that lasts throughout the day.
  • Moreover, these benefits are cumulative and evolutionary: a more relaxing, lighter. This happens when we make a daily conscious relaxation practice. The more we practice conscious relaxation techniques, more easily and quickly enter the alpha level, and we can stay in it longer.

At the physical level, the benefits of conscious relaxation are:

  • Decreased blood pressure and heart rate.
  • Regulates breathing, which provides a higher level of oxygen to the brain and cells in general. Mostly, stimulates blood flow.
  • Decreased muscle tension.
  • Secretion levels of adrenaline and noradrenaline are reduced by the adrenal glands.
  • General increases vasodilation, which brings about a higher peripheral oxygenation.
  • Reduction in cholesterol and blood fats.
  • Finally, the level of leukocyte production, which strengthens the immune system.

Before beginning a conscious relaxation

  • It is best practice conscious relaxation sitting because it is easier to fall asleep, so try to find a chair that you can sit comfortably and support your back, which should always remain straight.
  • Make sure that your feet touch the ground, and put them in parallel: also put your palms on your thighs. This is the position in which none of your muscles will be overloaded, and you can relax more effectively.
  • Use comfortable, loose, you did not pull anywhere, take your shoes off clothes. If you have long hair, sultanate. Take off your belt. What we get is free from all pressures and tensions.
  • Make sure that the light is adequate: not too bright to interfere or concentrates nor too dark to fall asleep.
  • Depart from stimuli that may disrupt conscious relaxation, unplug the phone or pick up the phone, turn off the television or radio. If you want you can add a soft music, sounds of water or nature.
  • Finally, one last tip, mentalist, think that this moment of conscious relaxation is a time just for you, you deserve it, and that you would dedicate yourself to find peace, peace of mind, to be always better, better and better.

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