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There are a number of people who suffer from dental problems as chipped or missing teeth, crooked teeth, discolored teeth which affects their self confidence. Chipped or missing teeth can also affect person’s oral health. A person who feels his/her teeth is not attractive feel uncomfortable while smiling or they might cover their mouth while smiling. There are numbers of highly qualified and trained dentist, who can restore chipped or missing teeth, fix discolored teeth. There are two types of dental specialties which are known as Prosthodontics and orthodontics. Orthodontics is used for correcting the teeth and jaw misalignments with the assistance of procedures that that include devices like the braces.

We can use the help of Cosmetic Dentistry Torrance CA to improve the look of teeth. Cosmetic dentistry is normally used to repair any problem with dental work that improves the look of a person’s teeth, gums.

There are different options in the procedures of cosmetic dentistry because the technology, which is used for dental care has developed a lot. Patients suffering from dental problems, make use of it as the procedure that used by cosmetic dentist as it is low in cost. The procedure can construct the teeth to be white, straight, maintain in uniform size.

Below are the few treatments and procedures available in Cosmetic Dentistry Torrance CA.

Whitening: It is also known as tooth bleaching which is the most regular enhancing dental process for discolored teeth. Now days there are many whitening options available, but dentist-supervised treatments remain the optional procedures for lightening discolored teeth.

Bonding: It is a process which uses dental material applied to the teeth then molded into shape. Once it hardened, then it is polished to teeth level.

Reshaping: It is used to improve the look of teeth. Here teeth are leveled off and broken teeth are fitted with caps.

Veneers: It is used to fill out gaps between teeth’s. The material is custom made porcelain laminate which is bonded directly on the teeth.

Gum lift: It is a cosmetic process used to raise and sculpts the gum line. This process requires reshaping the tissue to create the appearance of symmetrical teeth.

Dental bridge: This is method is used for fill missing teeth. The false tooth is fused between gap of two teeth. This can be used for one or missing teeth.

Dental braces: It is used in orthodontics process in order to align and straighten teeth. This process also improves dental health. There are different types of braces available such as metal wired braces, Lingual braces, titanium braces.

Tooth filling: This is method is used to fill out gaps which is created in the teeth due to cavities. There are different type of materials are available for this process.

Material used for dental filling:

There are different types of material used for dental filling out of which some of them are listed below. Each type of material has its own lifespan.

1)     Zinc oxide cement:

Zinc oxide cement is the lowest strength cement used as a temporary filling material which is mixed with eugenol liquid along with olive oil as plasticizer

2)     Amalgam:

Amalgam is one kind of alloy used for dental filling. It is a mixture of copper, silver, tin, mercury and additional metals.

3)     Composite resin:

Composite resin consists of resin based oligomer matrix and inorganic filler like silicon dioxide.

The advantage of this material is less expensive and more conservative alternative.

4)     Glass ionomer cement:

Glass ionomer cement is a dental restorative material which is based on the effect of silicate glass powder and polyalkenoic acid.

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