Easy Health Tips for Truckers

Life on the road as a truck driver can be thrilling. From the feeling you get while being independent to the adventure of crisscrossing the country on the open road, trucking is one of the last vital professions that really lets you unleash your inner spirit and personality. However, all of the time on the road can wreak havoc on your health, both mentally and physically. By taking a few simple steps you will be able to make sure that you are staying healthy during all of the long road trips moving forward.

Be Mindful of What You Eat

The first thing you need to do in order to improve your health is to get in the right mindset. The journey to better health may take longer than you wish, but with dedication you will be able to realize your goal. One of the biggest reasons why truck drivers find themselves in poor shape or overweight is due to the food that they eat and inactivity while driving all day. Make the conscious decision to adjust your route to include healthier eating options. You should also plan your route so that you stop for meals at regular intervals in order to keep your metabolism in order.

When you make stops along the way, shop at grocery stores for healthy snacks such as fruit, nuts and protein bars. This way you will be less likely to overeat at mealtime and get the nutrients that your body needs.

Schedule Time to Exercise Daily

In addition to eating right and improving your nutrition, it is also important that you get in exercise each day. When you are scheduling your route for the day try to include 45 minutes to an hour that will allow you time for a brisk walk or other workout. This will get your blood pumping while also keeping you mentally sharp for the day. Both diet and exercise are necessary if you want to be a healthy trucker. Even if it is the first thing in the morning, you will feel more energized and revitalized so that you can tackle the hectic schedule ahead of you.

Important Lifestyle Changes to Make

Smoking is an unhealthy habit to begin with but it can be even more harmful for truckers. Spending as many hours alone in your truck as you do could lead to picking up smoking as a way to pass time and stay busy on the road. Once you start it is extremely difficult to stop, but doing so will enable you to improve your overall health.

When you have some time off from you trucking driving job, it is also a smart idea to talk with your doctor about starting a multivitamin regimen so that you can fill in the gaps in your nutrition with the vitamins and minerals your body needs. Make sure that your truck has plenty of bottles of water available as well so that you can continue to stay hydrated in between stops. Making the switch from soda to water will allow your body to stay clean and running properly.

Taking all of these tips into consideration will help you improve your health so that you can continue to enjoy your time on the open road.

Written by Paul Welch, Safety/HR manager at Shark Trucking.

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