Effective Diet Plans that Promise Steady Loss of Body Weight

Being overweight is considered a hindrance to one’s personality since it shadows physical beauty and carries along with it multiple health related problems. Nobody wants to have a bulky, bulging frame of body that leads to lower self-esteem along with major health issues and lifestyle diseases like diabetes, hypertension, and many obesity linked disorders. In addition to regular exercising and some essential lifestyle modifications, an effective and easy to follow diet plan is the right solution to fight obesity.

Emerging Trend of Tailor-made Diet Plans

In today’s busy lifestyle, people mostly fail to stick to their diet programs in the long run. Every time one starts off enthusiastically with a new diet plan, the progress seems to be going good in the initial period, but gradually begins to wane with time. In such a situation, it is necessary to approach expert help and try out diet plans that are chalked out with respect to individual needs and are tailor-made in order to provide better and long-term results.

Here is a quick list of some of the most popular and trusted dieting programs established in the U.S., but now followed worldwide. These diet plans have been recommended time and again by nutritionists for steady weight management.

  • Jenny Craig’s Diet Plan: One of the most effective diet plans ever, Jenny Craig offers systematically designed meals along with the emotional anchor it provides during the weekly counselling sessions. It tops the list of the world’s best dieting regimens, but costs higher than its counterparts.
  • The Weight Watcher’s Diet: In this diet plan, dieters are allotted points for every achievement in their way to lose the extra pounds. It can be practiced as a group, thus enabling one to stick to his plan by initiating a healthy competition amongst the participants.
  • Biggest Loser Diet: This plan ensures a good combination of healthy food and regular work-out. The aim is to burn maximum calories within a stipulated time period and ultimately the biggest (weight) loser is the winner. This diet plan works great for short-term requirement, but cannot promise to give long-term results.
  • Raw Food Diet: In this method, weight losers are kept on a complete raw food based diet that comprises of fruits, salads, and uncooked veggies, thus ruling out the use of oil, salt, sugar, and spices. It is popularly referred to as the ‘Stone Age Diet’ since it does not involve any cooking at all. This is a good means of cutting fat reserves in the body, but it does not work quite well in the long-term since people fail to stick to the plan very religiously.
  • Slim-Fast Diet Plan: Slim-Fast is a trusted and effective diet plan that is highly recommended by experts for short-term as well as long-term weight loss. With specially formulated recipes, one can lose up to 1 or2 pounds of weight a week, and if the dieter follows a strict diet and exercise regimen, it definitely helps keep that extra flab away.

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Jessica Bell speaks in for of some of the diet plans which actually are result oriented. She, however, strongly requests you stay off from those programs which promise to deliver results over the night.

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