Effective Flu Prevention Strategies for Seniors

Seniors are more susceptible to various illnesses and viruses due to a weakened immune system. As the body ages, it is more difficult for it fight off infection, viruses, illnesses, and bacteria. For that reason, as flu season approached, elderly individuals are much more susceptible to developing the flu if they do not plan ahead and take proper precautions. The results of the flu, if developed, take a larger toll on the elderly and can last longer and result in more severe symptoms. Here are some effective flu prevention strategies that all seniors or care givers of the elderly should be aware of.

Since seniors are at a higher risk of developing the flu, they are also at a higher risk of developing further complications as a result of the flu if they catch it. Elderly individuals are significantly more likely to develop respiratory problems such as pneumonia while having the flu since their body and immune system are so depleted and under extreme stress and strain. For these reasons and more, prevention is key to long term health and to avoid other health complications.

Flu shots are conveniently available at a wide variety of locations. You can get this shot at your doctor’s office, a flu clinic, or even at some local pharmacies! Getting the flu shot is easier than ever, meaning there are no excuses!

Get vaccinated early in the flu season, and be sure to get your vaccine each year. While this is true, it is also best not to get it too early in the season, as the benefits can wear off in a flu season that runs especially long, into March or even April. Be sure to ask your healthcare provider when the best time to get the flu shot will be that year so that you will be best protected against the flu all season long, no matter how long it lasts. Annual flu shots are necessary. The virus changes from year to year, so the vaccine must be adjusted as well. Each shot is only good for that flu season and that season alone, and it will not protect you from the flu in upcoming years.

Make sure the people around you also get the flu vaccine. If you are in a nursing home, it is likely that all staff and personnel have been required to get the flu shot annually. It will also be important, however, that your family and friends get the vaccine as well to prevent the spread of the flu, should they become exposed to it.

Being proactive and getting the flu shot every single year is the best way that seniors can prevent the flu. As you age, the body cannot fight off illness as easily, so we must be more and more careful of how we care for and protect our bodies. Find out where you can get the flu shot such as at your doctor’s office or at ExpressMD Urgent Care. Be sure to get the shot early in the season, but not too early. Get the shot every year so that your body is prepared to fight off that year’s strain. For flu treatment, always seek professional medical help as soon as possible.

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