Eight meals for exercise

You know, exercising without eating properly is to throw overboard your results. What you eat and what you drink is the key to achieve your fitness goals as quickly as possible and that feeding your body with the right nutrients you are assured of obtaining the necessary raw material to make your routine optimally and to recover and rebuild your body after doing it.

Check out this list of essential to empower your workouts.

When it comes to giving your body energy for exercise oatmeal is your best ally. It is one of the best carbohydrate in the world for those who exercise and will provide energy (glucose) for your muscles to function. Oats, a type of complex carbohydrate that is digested slowly, delivers a sustained release of sugar that will allow you to day routine.

To get the maximum benefits of this food choose options you unprepared and cook mism. Then you can use it in shakes, smoothies and juices before training.

A touch of caffeine an hour before exercising will help you train longer and improve your endurance. It can also help relieve pain typical of intense training.

A 2009 study conducted at the University of Illinois reported that cyclists who drank coffee an hour before intense training had less muscle pain compared with another group of cyclists who did not consume. Another point in favor of coffee is that the American Association of Sports Medicine states that coffee is not a problem on dehydration. Just remember, it’s a cup an hour before training.

Gone are the days when a cereal bar was what you needed to exercise with energy. Now if you want energy and nutrition you have to do is eat a raisin compote. Why are raisins? Because in addition to the energy containing one of the most underrated nutrient in sports nutrition, potassium. Potassium naturally maintains fluid balance in the body, helps prevent dehydration and muscle cramps. All this, when you exercise you lose so it is very important back. One way is with a handful of raisins.

When you exercise intensely your body produces more free radicals. But this is no cause for alarm because there are many ways to combat it. One is with a handful of almonds.

Almonds are a great source of healthy fats and are also antioxidants that fight free radicals. Eat a handful of almonds every day and antioxidants in your body will increase significantly over time. The only caveat is its high calorie content, remember to add your total calories you consume daily.

Never a person who is exercising should drink little water. I should stop drinking at any time of day, much less when training. And do not be first choice sports drinks or juice you drink water, lots of water.

Tip: To find out if you are getting the right amount of fluids weigh yourself before and after. If you have trained intensively you probably lost enough. Drink three glasses of water after train yourself to make sure you’ve recovered.

Ricotta cheese with honey
One of the great combos for after training. Your body after train, desperately needs two things: fast carbs and proteins. This combination of ricotta cheese and honey ensures you carbohydrates digest quickly and protein to stimulate muscle synthesis.

Tomato juice
When you train hard not only lose fluid, you also lose electrolytes, sodium and potassium. All this is possible to recover with a glass of tomato juice. Do you doubt it? A large glass of tomato juice contains six times more sodium and fifteen times more potassium than traditional sports drink.

If you train with intensity on the slopes or in the gym, salmon is a food to be considered. Protein contains the highest quality and also contains vitamin D, vitamin deficiency that if your body has less force.

Dinner a piece of salmon with a salad of spinach and peas, and you’re making a nutritious meal that will favor your exercise routine.

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