Electronic cigarettes are the best way to quit smoking- but are they good?

If you are a chain smoker and you want to stop smoking, then there are many ways to do that. Whatever way you follow, you are sure to have some kind of withdrawal symptoms that may affect your normal life. One of the best alternatives to quit smoking will be to use e cigarette Canada. The main thing is that you will not have any withdrawal symptoms while you quit smoking and they help maintain the level of nicotine in your body that is the main reason for these symptoms. In Canada, there are many regulations in place to stop the use of tobacco products. However, there are not much of regulations for the electronic cigs that are causing a lot of buzz in recent days. Though the Canadian government has asked the Health Canada to form out certain regulations for this product there is nothing much done as of now. The main thing they have done so far is to ask selling or manufacturing these products needs the respective license to do so. Apart from this nothing has been done yet. One thing should be taken into consideration. That is the popularity of this product in the world. Especially, in the USA, this has got lot popularity and the sales have raised a lot considerably. This trend is following in Canada too. Now it is the right time for the authorities to take some action regarding the regulations else, they may just have to stay on the sidebar.

The concept of using e-cigs:

Many say that they are not even smoking while using the e-cigs. The actually term used is
“vaping” that is entirely new to the dictionary too. The way how the e cigarette Canada works is quite interesting. Unlike normal cigars that need a lighter to burn, these are fitted with a lithium battery that has a long life too. Also there are two main parts that should be noted. The first one is the vaporization chamber where the vapor from the liquid is stored and the next one is the liquid cartridge. When you start inhaling through the device it triggers the battery and it starts working. A heating procedure happens inside the cartridge and the liquid is vaporized through the chamber. It is this vapor that you inhale. Nothing comes out and hence there is no chance of pollution too. However, the liquid is a perfect mixture if nicotine and many other chemicals that gives people the exact feeling as smoking a real cigar. This is indeed a positive thing about e-cigs since you need not use a normal one at all. Manufacturers claim that the percentage of other harmful chemicals present in tobacco products is totally low in e-cigars. That is why they are insisting that these should not be sole as tobacco products at all. Also some state that they are just use for recreational purposes. Branding is also important in this. Many studies have been conducted to declare the best of all and you should take a clear note of that before buying one. Similarly, it will enable them to know the dosage and then choose the ones with the lesser dosage eventually over a period of time enabling them to quit as well. There is no doubt that e-cigarette is now revolving as the right source for everyone who are really much interested in smoking. Product is available variety of price ranges and buys the desired style you need through online without moving out.


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