Exercise During Pregnancy: 5 Essential Safety Tips

During your pregnancy, it is very important to stay fit an active. Not only does this help improve your health, but also the health of your baby. This encourages a safe pregnancy while also helping you get your pre-baby body back after you give birth. While staying in shape is important, it is also essential that you exercise safely to reduce injuries, problems or complications. Here are 5 essential safety tips to consider when exercising during your pregnancy.

  1. Always check with your healthcare provider before beginning any physical activity. It is best to check in with your doctor to let him or her know what you are planning to do regarding physical activity. He or she may have suggestions or insight to give to you. Also, the more you tell them, they better they will be able to assist you throughout your pregnancy.
  2. Be sure that you eat enough. You may have known how much to eat before exercise when you weren’t pregnant, but now your body is working extra hard and using more energy to sustain a new, little life as well! Make sure that you are eating plenty of calories so that you are fit, strong and prepared for physical exercise. This will reduce light headedness or low blood sugar so that you can sustain your workout.
  3. Stay away from sports that are dangerous or have a risk of impact. Sports that involve balls, flying objects, or the potential to fall from tall heights should be avoided or done with extreme caution and protection. Activities like horseback riding, skiing, mountain biking and other rigorous sports and hobbies are usually best to stay away from for the next 9 or so months.
  4. Avoid lying on your back or on your stomach. If you are taking a class, ask the instructor for modifications to get similar stretching or exercise benefits. Or, just skip the exercise altogether and choose an alternative. Lying flat on your back can be especially dangerous since it puts pressure on a major vein called the vena cava. This will reduce blood to your heart and brain as well as the uterus which can cause serious damage long term, as well as short term issues like nausea, dizziness or shortness of breath.
  5. Remember that your body is changing. Things you may have been able to do before, may be a bit different now. Remember that when you are pregnant the body produces more “relaxin” which causes muscles and ligaments to become extremely flexible. This can result in over stretching and can also make you more susceptible to falls, twists and sprains. Employ caution and all times and be patient with yourself.

These tips will help you exercise during pregnancy in a safe, effective way. Pregnancy is a time to keep up with your normal fitness routines, but make simple modifications to keep you and baby safe throughout the process. Whether you run, take yoga classes, or workout with Treadall Gym and Fitness Mats, these tips will make a positive difference to ensure that exercise is safe, fun, and healthy.

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