Exercises to Lose Weight Quickly

Exercising to lose weight is one of the best decisions we can take, exercise and diet help us in the fight against the scale.

What are the best exercises to lose weight?
Corporate sports constancy always advise to get rid those extra kilos and doing physical exercise in general, to improve and maintain fitness and strengthen muscles.

FitnessAerobic or cardiovascular exercise is the most effective way to burn fat and calories. We can classify the aerobic exercises to lose weight in three groups:

  • Exercises Level 1: here include brisk walking, running, climbing stairs. They are valid for people of all levels though, may be ineffective for people with more muscle strength.
  • Exercises Level 2: burn more calories but are riskier than before. They are: stationary bike, elliptical machine, spinning classes, rowing machines, ski and climb stairs.
  • Exercises level 3: burn calories but are not suitable for all persons. They are: jumping rope, skating, cycling and skiing.

How much exercise is needed to lose weight?
The more you exercise the more fat is burned, to keep the heart healthy start health authorities recommend 30 minutes a week to get to do at least 30 minutes a day, or at least 1 hour three days a week.

Emphasize that continue burning calories hours after each exercise, for a more effective result can be added exercises that strengthen the muscles.

Is there a more effective time to exercise to lose weight?
There are some differences in the chosen time during the day to exercise to lose epso. However, increased metabolism and decreased appetite are achieved regardless of the chosen schedule.

Most people prefer to exercise early in the morning or late in the afternoon and this should be taken into account to enjoy and get more exercise performance.

Just keep in mind that people with heart problems should avoid the practice of morning exercise, because the risk of heart attack is higher.

Burn calories changing habits
Simply changing lifestyle lose weight is achieved, is a slower process but ultimately it is the most effective way to lose weight.

Some tips for slimming acquiring healthy habits are:

  • Distribute food intake into five meals, with two light one mid morning and mid afternoon. Do not skip any meals, and less breakfast.
  • Increase consumption and variety of fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Eat whole grains, and replace refined foods with whole like brown rice, barley, oats, yeast, soy lecithin, etc..
  • Replace foods high in simple sugars and other foods rich in saturated unsaturated (Omega 3 and Omega 6), fiber and fatty acids.
  • Choose sources of low-fat protein like fish, also skinless chicken, turkey and game.
  • Avoid or limit dairy or replace low dietary sugars and fats.
  • Drink plenty of water, about two liters a day to flush toxins and keep the body well hydrated.
  • Avoid snuff and excessive consumption of alcohol.
  • The dinner should be light and two hours before bedtime.
  • Physical exercise daily, any aerobic activity such as walking, ideal for helping you lose those extra kilos and strengthen the cardiovascular system.

To achieve weight loss is more important than intensity of exercise the duration. So 5 minutes of intense aerobic exercise a day would be enough to lose weight.

Exercises to lose weight, such as climbing stairs without stopping, run a few meters, cycling uphill, lifting small weights, and elliptical or spinning increasing resistance, are the best to burn more calories.

Importantly, exercise helps control anxiety attacks especially sweet food, or put another way, exercise helps regulate appetite.

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