Exercises to tighten the buttocks

These exercises to tighten your buttocks will help us maintain this as part of our body, are very simple and they can make them at home.

Buttocks, like any other muscle in our body, also note the passing of the years and if we look after them, can lose their firmness and become less attractive.

How can we help? We just have to spend a few minutes of our time to make one simple exercises to tone the buttocks to get keep in shape.

FitnessHow to take the steps to harden the buttocks
To strengthen the buttocks is not necessary to spend hours in the gym and spend money we can spend on other needs.

Tone the buttocks is easy, just need a ladder and a little time. But that itself must be consistent and disciplined if we get good results, do exercises to tighten the buttocks one day yes and four no, it is clear that we will not get anything.

We have to start exercising in a gradual way and before you start to exercise in the heat and steps we must prepare the muscles for the work to be performed. Up and down about five hundred steps a day is a good start.

Up and down stairs we can get very good results but, as already noted, it is necessary to warm up before you dive into the “job”.

Warm-up exercises can include walking briskly for five or ten minutes, it will get activate circulation and prepare the muscles of the legs and buttocks to log stairs.

After a few days of preparation and we consider the most serious exercise, for example up and down the equivalent of 20 stories per day (if the ladder has 1 floor-length or the approximate equivalent of 25 steps, then up and down 20 times) constant if we will get a good result.

Other exercises to tighten the buttocks
In addition to the exercises on the steps to strengthen the glutes are other exercises you can do at home also and are equally easy to make cooperate in obtaining the desired results.

Some of these exercises to tone and tighten your buttocks are:

  • Squats: are easy to make and will tone our hips, buttocks and thighs. We must place your feet apart to the width of the hips and knees must be bent, as if we were to sit down, keeping your back straight and knees without exceeding the toes. At the same time take the arms forward. You can start with a set of 20 squats and let the series increased gradually.
  • Thrust: the practice of this exercise will not only help us to tighten the buttocks also work the leg muscles. To perform this exercise must place your feet hip width and bring back the left foot keeping the raised heel. Bend the right leg with the knee care is not more advanced than the toes. Stretch and bend the right leg ten times, change the position of your legs and repeat. It is important to keep the weight on the leg that is forward.
  • On all fours: put hands and knees resting on the floor. Lift and stretch one leg with the heel out, returns to the original position. You have to do 15 to 20 repetitions with one leg and switch to the other. If you hurt your wrists you can lean on your forearms.
  • Bridge: You have to be placed lying face up with the folded and open to the width of the hips and arms extended along the body legs. Once in position the body of the floor lifting remembering to contract the muscles of the abdomen and buttocks. Do two or three sets of fifteen repetitions.

How many times is appropriate training to harden the buttocks?
If we do not exercise habits should start small, and as we go noting that holds our body effort can increase the frequency and intensity of exercises to tighten your buttocks.

We can start by making a half-hour workout twice a week and, after a while, increase the frequency to three or four times a week.

Consistently get the targets, but we should not forget that doing exercises to strengthen the glutes only when get enjoy annoying shoelaces.

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