Firm breasts basic tips!

People looking to have a firmer breasts but want to do it with natural remedies or therapies will find these tips useful.

Factors acting against the firm breasts
There are several factors modifying the body throughout life. In the body of the woman, one of the most affected parts are definitely the breasts.

Adolescence, pregnancy, lactation and diets, among others, are causing the chest to sag, become flabby and lose elasticity.

FitnessWhat can we do to regain firm breasts?
A daily maintenance with specific exercises that will return the tone to the muscles of the chest is a basic aspect. Find a specialist in the field.

Daily use of 100% natural oils, with great contribution in elasticising actives, hydrating and regenerating, help you regain your breast firmness and elasticity.

Avoid diets high in fat and sugars. Nor do we agree that diets do lose a lot of weight quickly.

Natural products recommended
Within the recommended natural products to achieve a firm breasts and we could apply locally every day we highlight:

  • Argan Oil biological or otherwise sweet almond oil.
  • Pure Rosehip Oil.
  • Essential oils of Geranium, Rosemary, Myrrh, Sandalwood and Carrot.
  • AE Geranium (Pelargonium graveolens) has a cosmetic level, firming and toning skin regenerating effect.
  • AE Romero (Rosmarinus officinalis) cosmetically revitalizes and tones of great firming effect.
  • AE Myrrh (Commiphora molmol): a cosmetic level highlights its ability to fight wrinkles or any skin imperfection by its powerful regenerative effect. Recomposed chapped skin.
  • AE Sandalwood (Santalum albumu) is regenerating. Rejuvenates dry cracked skin. It is a good wrinkle and mild astringent.
  • AE Carrot (Daucus carota): Great vitamin contribution to the skin, tones and firms. Large aging effect.

Development of a Serum Firm Boobs (100 ml)
Mix 50 ml of organic Argan Oil + 50 ml of Rosehip Oil 100% pure.
You add 60 drops of essential oils in total, distributed as follows:

  • AE 15 drops of Geranium.
  • 15 drops of AE Romero.
  • AE 15 drops of Myrrh.
  • AE 10 drops of Sandalwood.
  • AE 5 drops of carrot.

As I apply
Mix well and apply synergy least once a day, making a gentle circular massage, always avoiding the nipple area for their hypersensitivity.

Other tips for firmer breasts
If the texture of a cream is preferred, change of vegetable oils Shea Butter (100 g.) It would heat water bath Shea Butter to be textured oil, remove and cool before adding the essential oils and mix , let cool, and it would be ready.

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