Five tips for running and weight loss

Running is a great tool to have anyone lose weight. Running is the first thing that is recommended by the experts agree that running helps to significantly eliminate those kilos we do not like.

However it is not just about running …

Weight LossOf course, running is always better than nothing, but to get the best results in the shortest time possible some kind of knowledge is required. Mainly need to know how to run to burn more calories, which is what will make you lose more weight.

These five tips will greatly improve your way of running to lose weight fast:

  • Every time your run to last at least 20 to 30 minutes for a good number of calories to burn. The shorter it is the most intense output should be. But always start at the pace you can and for as long as possible, but with the passage of time begins to increase the pace, even until you can run for an hour. That time you exercise you feel like one. Not a convenient time, it is a time of a slight effort to do your body.
  • Exercise should start with five minutes at an average rate to condition your body and ensure that the muscles and joints are ready to run. Do not put yourself in unnecessary risk or foolishly, you take some time to heat well, are just five minutes. This in turn will allow you to burn more calories because your body will be prepared for the activity you are about to do and have a better resistance.
  • The best way to get weight loss involves some form of intervals are periods when your exercise intensity increases slightly. If you do you can exercise your body in a variety of intensities. We also allow you to make high-speed sections and still complete 30 minutes of exercise. Try this: for a 30 minute session increases the pace to run vigorously for one minute, then usually runs for 3 or 4 minutes and repeat the sequence until completion. As time passes you will be able to reduce the rest time in half and your body will be burning calories all day.
  • Running with tilt is more strenuous than running on a flat surface, so it would be good to find a route with an inclination to incorporate the usual route in which you jog. Another option is to get on a treadmill at home or at the gym because these devices usually include several levels of inclination.
  • After each session, you should spend a few minutes cooling running at a slow pace or walking quickly but getting slower until your heart rate returns to normal.

These tips are very effective to help you achieve better performance running both in terms of exercise and the calories you burn, which will be higher. Finally, remember that if you are looking to lose weight exercise is one half and the other party is to eat better. Combine both and your body will change in a way that really can not believe it.

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