Five Yoga postures that help you have strong arms

Five Yoga postures that help you have strong arms. In previous occasions, we have already seen functional Yoga postures. Some to help you sleep better. Others to help you work legs and glutes. Others to relieve back pain. Today we will focus on the upper part of our body. And we will give a review of the best Yoga postures to improve the strength of our arms. As a general rule, all those that involve keeping us balanced on our hands will be beneficial for our arms and shoulders, such as the posture of the crow. But it is not necessary to go to such complicated positions to train our arms with Yoga. These positions are simpler and more affordable and will make you work equally.Yoga postures

1.Stance of the table Yoga postures

We begin with a basic that we should all be practicing already: the position of the iron, board or plank, also called in Sanskrit phlakasana. To carry it out, we place our hands directly under the shoulders and support the weight of our body on our hands and toes, with the abdomen well activated (through the axial elongation ) and our body forming a straight line. A common failure to perform this position is to hyperextend the elbows, “pulling” out: the arms should be stretched but not forced. It is one of the best yoga postures.

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2. Chaturanga postureYoga postures

Similar to the previous posture, but much more demanding, is chaturanga, a posture that you can perform combined with the board or with the dog upside down. In the chaturanga posture we keep keeping our hands just below the shoulders and our body aligned in a straight line, but this time our elbows are flexed and point backward as if we were doing a triceps flexion. Perhaps the most common mistake when carrying out chaturanga is to open the elbows outwards instead of pointing them backward. Keeping the hip aligned with the spine and legs is also important.

3.Posture of the lateral table Yoga postures

Within the variations of the board or plate, one of the best known is the lateral table or vasisthasana . In Vasisthasana we support only one hand and place our body on our side, again forming a straight line with legs and trunk. The hand that is free we direct it towards the ceiling to open the chest well. It is possible that we feel pain in the wrist of the hand that is supported when doing vasisthasana. To avoid it we can use the special bridging in the form of a bridge, in addition to carrying out an adequate heating. It is one of the best yoga postures.

4. Posture of inverted plate Yoga postures

Another variation of the plate, this less common, is the reversed plate or purvottanasana . Once again we place our hands just below the shoulders. But this time we do it by placing ourselves on our backs. We support the soles of the feet well on the ground and push with our hands while raising our hips to form a straight line with the body. A common mistake, especially if we are beginners, is that with the passage of time the hip will fall down. To avoid it we have to concentrate on pushing up with the glutes. As in the side table, we can use the special grips if we feel pain in the wrists. It is one of the best yoga postures.

5. Posture of the dog upside down Yoga postures

Finally, I could not miss one of the star positions of Yoga, for being one of the most versatile. The dog upside down or adho mukha svanasana . In the position of the dog face down our arms are stretched and activated. And our elongated spine while we bring the hip to the ceiling. A good trick to activate the muscles of the arms in the position of the dog upside down is to open the fingers well. And push the ground with them. It should also be remembered that the shoulders should be relaxed and be away from the ears. It is one of the best yoga postures.

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